Carat Leadership Announcement: Diana Bojaj Appointed as Chief Media Officer

NEW YORK, NY – May 12th, 2022 – Carat, a dentsu company, announced the appointment of Diana Bojaj as the new Chief Media Officer. 

In the case of Dentsu’s Carat U.S., which has appointed Diana Bojaj its first chief media officer, it's a means to oversee and foster collaboration among the shop's strategy, innovation, planning, and content departments. Bojaj, who joined Carat in 2019 and was most recently head of business strategy on the shop's General Motors business, will report in her new post directly to Mike Law, who was promoted to CEO at the end of last year. 

Diana's appointment comes as media is in the throes of upheaval, with new forms of innovation such as streaming and Web3 fueling the need to simplify, streamline and automate the basics of those four areas. As the future of a media plan continues to extend beyond the reach and frequency of more traditional commercials to consumer experiences, attention and digital activations, having each of these four teams working closely together has become essential for ensuring a media agency can deliver on the basics while also planning for the future. 

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