Experiential is now limitless, so how do we choose where to invest and focus?

Carat Global Client Lead, Sam Browne, gives his thoughts on experiential marketing to The Drum as part of their Experiential Marketing Deep Dive. 

"It used to be quite easy to define experiential. I remember organizing costly physical events and sampling giveaways earlier in my career under the banner of ‘experiential’. Yes, they reached a few thousand people, but ‘am I creating real impact for the consumer?’ was always a conundrum.

However, with the evolution of digital and data, any touch point along a consumer’s brand journey now has the potential to become ‘experiential’. Most consumers are effectively carrying experience devices around in their pockets right now, meaning that, as consumers, we can immerse ourselves incredibly deeply with any brand, at any time, any place – and 85% of marketers and business leaders believe digital events are here to stay."

To read the full article follow this link: https://www.thedrum.com/opinion/2021/09/14/experiential-now-limitless-so-how-do-we-choose-where-invest-and-focus 

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