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Brand EQ3 2024 Edition: Emotional Intelligence for Brands

January 23, 2024

Carat has conducted a third wave of global research and the latest findings in the Brand EQ thought leadership series are now available to download. The Brand EQ3 2024 report uncovers and investigates the emotional intelligence (EQ) impacts of 50 top global brands and reveals their EQ rankings for 2024.

Based on the work of the Godfather of Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman, the 2024 report shows that by translating human EQ elements into measurable brand behaviors, we can learn which global brands consumers view as being emotionally intelligent, and why.

Uncover the latest developments in emotional intelligence within the realm of marketing and advertising now:

 Brand Emotional Intelligence: 2024 Updates

  • Identifies and defines the cost of marketing crisis, and explains how Brand EQ is a solution to it.
  • Updates findings from the latest wave of data, looks at the rankings and findings, and gives interesting insights across brand behaviors and categories.
  • Discusses how different audiences score brands differently and why that is.
  • Outlines six strategic principles for improving your brand’s EQ through different ways to connect with consumers.
  • Updates case studies throughout the report, showing examples of different brands and how they behave with high EQ.
  •  Presents a deep dive into the CPG category audiences and channels, and the impact of EQ on consumer behavior.       `

Download your copy today.

Download Brand EQ3 2024 Edition