Snap Scholarships


ASB have often found it difficult to connect with the Tertiary sector of New Zealand, who as an audience do not see any reason to interact with banks. 

Enter ASB 'Snap Scholarships' an inventive way to connect and inform this audience via Snapchat's My Story function.




w We gained 7,458 new customers. This represented a 72% year-on-year percentage growth compared to 45% target set


ASB had established a youth customer base through school banking. However, they were not able to extend this dominance into the tertiary market.

The crux of this problem was the traditional model of children’s bank accounts being opened by their parents. Our biggest competitor ANZ had a stranglehold amongst parents and consequently their kids, this was reflected in their dominance of the tertiary segment.

We needed to find an innovative way to convince students to change banks.



To get an understanding of the tertiary audience we ran a series of focus groups to learn their perception of what a bank offers and how best to connect with them.


  1. It was apparent that students do not see the need to have relationships with banks… “I don’t have money. Why should I need to hear from a bank?”
  2. 52% Students actively avoid ads. They stream ad-free content online and about 1/3 instore adblocking software.
  3. Students have access to an endless supply of highly engaging content, so we needed to provide something equally as fun and entertaining.
  4. Snapchat has become a real time alternative to the more traditional social platforms like FB and Instagram, changing the social behaviours of students who want snackable content they can engage with right away.
  5. Facebook has a lesser role in their lives, used more as a social calendar of sorts that helps make sure they are not missing out on anything.


We wanted to create an initiative that allowed the tertiary audience to interact with the campaign and foster a relationship with ASB on their own terms, this conception together with our own research gave us the confidence to become the first bank in New Zealand to integrate Snapchat in a campaign.  


Enter “SNAP SCHOLARSHIPS” a prize orientated campaign utilizing the functionality of Snapchat in conjunction with the inquisitive nature of the audience.


The first challenge of this campaign was laying the foundations to the non-existent ASBBank Snapchat community. Our call-to-action was across tertiary domains such as YouTube, Spotify and Pandora encouraging the audience to ‘follow ASBBank on Snapchat”. 


We then broadcasted a series of challenges on the ASBBank My Story inspiring the audience to answer in a creative way to win the weekly prize. One particular challenge summoned 

participants to the ASB Branch on Queen Street were a computer was locked in a safe and followers had the chance to crack the code with the help form the Snap Story clue. Hundreds showed up and while they were waiting in line, branch staff spoke to them about ASB’s tertiary package.


To complete a challenge followers were directed to mobile optimised website to answer questions and leave their information. This information was then used to contact them if they had won a prize and further explain the benefits of our tertiary offering.


This was ASB’s most successful tertiary campaign ever. We had built a community of 16,000 followers. They represented an audience we hadn’t been able to reach before an on-going channel of communication.


w We gained 7,458 new customers. This represented a 72% year-on-year percentage growth compared to 45% target set
A Created a community of 16,000 Snapchat followers
E Visits to the ASB tertiary page were up 67.8% from the previous year
O The first bank in New Zealand to utilize Snapchat in a campaign
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