This is TV 2018


On the morning of the 22nd of November Alex, Jessica and Cesanne attended the Screen Force “This is TV” seminar Alex: "As communications planners it is always good to get a more in depth view into all the different types of media."

There were four speakers at the seminar in order of appearance these were Ed Borsboom (Strategist at Talpa Radio), Sjoerd Pennekamp (Director at SKO), Jeroen Bakker (AV Director at Magna) and Michel van der Voort (Director at Screenforce). Ed Borsboom gave a talk on the effect TV campaigns have on ROI and how TV has become more effective since online media has become more prevalent. Now the world wide web is at our fingertips at almost every moment we are able to search for a certain product or service instantaneously after seeing an ad on TV.

We were also shown how much more effective a campaign was based on ROI when combining TV with online video. When TV only is implemented this will result in an average increase in business results of 32%, with online video this figure is 25% but when combined this figure goes up to 54%.

Sjoerd Pennekamp took us through the way the SKO retrieves viewer data and how this is processed to generate the TV ratings on a daily basis. In the Netherlands this research and the process of aggregating viewer data is done with set top boxes that relay which programs are watched by who and for how long. The panel is meticulously chosen to be representative of the average population in the Netherlands.  

Jeroen Bakker took us through the basics of planning a TV campaign and Michel van der Voort talked about the future of TV advertising and addressable TV. A new technology which is slowly being rolled out in the Netherlands through which linear TV viewers are able to be targeted in a way similar to programmatic buying. All in all a very interesting morning and a deep dive into the world of total video. Particularly interesting to learn that TV is changing from a mass medium to a more narrow casting platform like programmatic display or video. To top it all off my colleagues and I received a certificate of attendance signed by the head of Screenforce. The key take away of the seminar was TV is adapting and is more alive than ever.  

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