Carat 'beams' godfather of emotional intelligence onto the Cannes Lions stage, with the festival's first live hologram

Carat, a dentsu company, today reveals the details of its upcoming Cannes LIONS presentation in the Forum: Palais I, with the Festival’s first ever live hologram experience on stage.  Bestselling author and psychologist Daniel Goleman will be ‘beamed’ direct from his home in New York onto the stage in South France, to discuss the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) for the modern-day marketer.

Goleman, who first introduced EQ as a concept in his 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence, and developed it in subsequent books, including Working with Emotional Intelligence and Primal Leadership, will appear on the Forum: Palais I stage next to Victoria Sjardin (VP of Marketing Excellence, International Kraft Heinz Company), Fiona Lloyd (Global Client & Brand President, Carat) and Sean Healy (Global Chief Strategy Officer, Carat) on Wednesday 22 June at 2.30pm local time.

The interactive session will see Goleman appear ‘as there’ in real time and debate with his fellow panellists and take questions from the audience, as a way to explore the intricacies of Brand Emotional Intelligence. The 30-minute session will also include details of the latest global Brand EQ research from Carat, which deep-dives into the EQ perceptions of over 50 leading brands and nine industry sectors. It will also dig deeply into how generational cohorts see EQ differently and what this means for brands looking to tap into them.

Lloyd says of the upcoming event: “EQ is a pivotal part to how we operate at Carat, it allows us to design for people truly and authentically; building brand campaigns which resonate with our clients and their customers.  To be able to hear, first hand from Daniel Goleman why this is such a critical consideration for organisations and to be able to share this with our peers at Cannes is a great privilege. Plus, we’re able to do it in a very memorable and innovative way.”

To be part of the experience, register to attend the session at Cannes LIONS here:

Wednesday 22 June 
14.30-15.00 @ The Forum: Palais I

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