Cadbury Australia: Sparking a National Flavour Debate





@CadburyAU had four new chocolate flavours launching into the market. Included in these new offerings was one flavour that was guaranteed to get people talking: the combination of two of Australia’s most loved brands – Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate with Vegemite spread. @CadburyAU turned to Twitter to get consumers talking about the new products and build buzz around Cadbury Dairy Milk with Vegemite.

The strategy

Knowing that Australians are passionate about sharing their favourite flavours, @CadburyAU went to consumers to ignite a flavour conversation. @CadburyAU used Twitter Ads to build conversation and engagement over six weeks. Using Promoted Tweets with the hashtag #ChocPlusWhat, the campaign asked Australians about their favourite foods to combine with chocolate, presenting possibilities such as corn chips, avocado and lime jelly. A number of days into the campaign, @CadburyAU leveraged this flavour conversation to announce their own four new flavour combinations, spacing the announcements a day apart to allow buzz to grow. The most talkable addition – Cadbury Dairy Milk with Vegemite – was left until last to drive even more buzz.

Four steps to success

1. Use rich media to invite conversation and increase engagement.

@CadburyAU used simply designed, but eye-catching images showing possible food + chocolate combinations, along with a question mark, to invite audience suggestions for new flavours and drive conversations around the topic. The #ChocPlusWhat hashtag complemented and reinforced the message – @CadburyAU wanted to spark conversations with people and encourage them to share their ideas and opinions on the proposed flavours. Promoted Tweets inspired a wave of user-generated content, which included a range of flavour combinations, from the tasty to the bizarre and humorous.

2. Continually monitor conversation to convert influencers and consumers into brand advocates.

@CadburyAU used real-time monitoring to engage with Cadbury Twitter fans, as well as media outlets, celebrities and influencers. This provided a chance to engage in high-profile banter with the presenters of The Project(@theprojecttv) and Retweet mentions from Nine News (@9NewsAUS), among other media sources. The brand sent gift packages of the new products to key influencers and fans @CadburyAU encouraged feedback and ensured thank-yous received public acknowledgement.

3. Use Twitter tools to optimise the campaign in real time.

@CadburyAU observed that the multi-picture format visuals achieved extremely high engagement rates and vastly out-performed single-picture format graphics. This inspired the creation of more multi-picture format graphics for use as the campaign continued, raising overall campaign engagement rates further.

4. Take advantage of buzz to send a campaign viral.

Before the campaign began, @CadburyAU seized the opportunity presented when a Buzzfeed Australia article speculated on a rumour about the new Vegemite flavour. Straight after the announcement of Cadbury Dairy Milk with Vegemite, the company Tweeted the article’s author to confirm the rumour. This sparked viral coverage and accelerated the Twitter conversation around the announcement – which spread globally.

@CadburyAU’s plan was to ignite conversation around the new flavours. The simple campaign mechanics captured audience imaginations, with Twitter users contributing to the conversation by creating their own graphics with new flavour ideas. This helped to drive awareness of the new products and widened audience engagement as people shared their creations with friends and family.


The Australian Twitter audience participated enthusiastically in the request for favoured chocolate combinations – especially during the 10-day peak campaign period, with the majority of the 890,600 impressions achieved during this time. The engagement rate for the entire campaign was 11.07% – well over the benchmark of 3.35% for the quarter in the Food category – with individual Tweets gaining up to 15.62% engagement rate. In the last 10 days of the campaign, the creation of user-generated content went viral, with Twitter users around the world offering thoughts on their own perfect Cadbury chocolate combinations.

The day after the announcement of Cadbury Dairy Milk with Vegemite,#ChocPlusWhat trended organically on Twitter. Newspapers and media sites, such as Buzzfeed Australia and US and The Daily Mail UK, ran the story across the country and around the world.


“The use of Twitter saw media and news publications use the @CadburyAU handle as a new source for content, interacting with Cadbury in engaging one-on-one conversations. Our Twitter interactions resulted in newspapers picking up the story: with Cadbury’s Tweets embedded on news media websites around the world, driving exponential traffic and positive brand exposure.”

Paul Chatfield Associate Director Marketing - Chocolate ANZ, Mondelez Australia
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