Interest-Based Advertising Notice

Last update: June 5, 2024

This notice explains Carat’s use of your internet browsing data for interest-based advertising. References in this notice to “we” and “us” means Carat. 

We are a digital performance marketing agency and part of the dentsu Group. We work with the online data that’s been gathered by clients to manage and optimise their online ad campaigns, web properties and/or more generally, their online presence. In doing this we may purchase advertising inventory from a variety of online platforms, advertising exchanges, and other media sources on behalf of clients. 

Interest-Based Advertising

Interest-based advertising is a technique used to help make sure that the adverts you see are interesting and relevant to you. Information about your internet activity (such as the websites you visit) is collected by or on behalf of our clients.  This information is then analysed to better understand your interests. By knowing your interests, we can direct the online placement of our clients’ ads accordingly. 

Without interest-based advertising, you will still see adverts online. However, those ads are less likely to relate to the products or services you care about. 

What data is needed for interest-based advertising and why?

The information that’s collected for this type of advertising does not identify you in the real world – it doesn’t involve your name, email address or phone number. It does, however, involve the use of online identifiers.

To deliver interest-based advertising on behalf of our clients, we use data that identifies the device (such as the computer, laptop, smart phone) that you use to surf the web. This would be the IP address or device ID. In addition, we make use of the online activity associated with that IP address or device ID (such as web browsing activity and interactions with online ads).

Our clients gather this data. To do so, they rely on cookies or similar technologies. These technologies are downloaded to your browser as you surf the internet. They store information about your interaction with the ad or website that has set them. 

By combining IP address or device ID with internet activity, our clients can build a picture of the person using that device – and predict their interests. So, when you connect your device to the internet, you are more likely to see our clients’ ads if they relate to products or services you might be interested in. 

Who uses this data?

We use a variety of media sources (including Advertising Exchanges, search and social media platforms) to display our clients’ ads.  We also work with third parties, such as advertisers, web publishers, advertising servers, search engines and social media platforms to improve the relevance of the ads served on behalf of our clients. 

Do you want your data to be used for interest-based advertising? The choice is yours.

We are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of all individuals with whom we interact on behalf of our clients, and to fostering user confidence in online advertising.  Accordingly, we support and promote relevant industry guidelines including those established by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the CAP Code on Online Behavioural Advertising.  We participate in the European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) self-regulatory programme and adhere to the EDAA Principles for Online Behavioural Advertising

If you don’t want to receive interest-based advertising content and advertisements, please use the following link to exercise your choice:

In order for the opt-out mechanism described above to work, a third party opt-outcookie is set on your web browser.  Therefore, in order for your opt-out choice to be effective, your device must be set to accept third party cookies.  Opting out does not necessarily delete or replace all cookies from our domain. If you buy a new computer or device, upgrade or change web browsers or take any other action which results in the deletion of this opt-out cookie, you will need to perform this opt-out process again.

Opt-out in the mobile application environment 

When we launch advertisements on behalf of our clients, your mobile device automatically assigns you an advertising ID to enhance your advertising experience and provide you with advertisements based on your interests. For instructions on resetting your advertising ID for your iOS device please click here and for your Android device please click here.


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If you have any questions, please contact our Data Protection Officer in any of the following ways:

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