March 2016: Media and Marketing Update


Here's a look back on the media and marketing news over the last month.


Snapchat’s On-Demand Geofilters Offer New Branding Opportunities

The launch and roll out of Snapchat’s On-Demand Geofilters over the past month is being touted as a cost effective approach to branding. The new service, which is currently available in Canada, U.S. and U.K., is being rolled out across Europe in the coming months. 

Unlike the blanket branded lenses currently on offer by Snapchat, these Geofilters will allow businesses and brands to design, map & purchase their own Geofilters within one day from Snapchat and target specific locations or events at set times. This new product means brands could potentially target sports and music events, public spaces, or even visitors to their head offices in short bursts or flashes for up to 30 days. 

Current costs for the On-Demand Geofilters start for as little as $5 in the U.S. for small business, with costs varying according to the size of the location mapped and the campaign length. These “flash filters” could be the digital equivalent to the Flash Mobs craze of the last few years.  

- Gerard Keenan

The Year of the Mobile?

Did you know that 75% of the population use the Internet at least once a day - 1 in 5 admit to accessing the Internet every waking hour*? Think about your own usage - not just for social use, but for checking the DART times, for location your favourite hairdressers telephone number, for finding out how you really do make that meal from scratch. The below infographic** shoes how our online habits is broken down with over half of users logging through the day. 

March 2

Arguably, “the year of the mobile” is the most overused phrase in advertising. But is the mobile takeover finally happening? According to a recent study, mobile ad spend is now at 41% of total digital spend. With total digital spend for 2015 at an estimated €340 million, this equates to €4 in every €10 spent on mobile***. 

The year on year growth for mobile ad spend for 2015 is 78% putting its value at €141m in 2015. Retailers top the share of spend at 18% with Finance at 13%, Telecoms at 12% and FMCG at 11% falling in line behind. 

March 3

Cross platform native advertising at €45m is 33% of total digital display for 2015. This is the first year that IAB Ireland has broken out native as a sub-category of Display Advertising reflecting the global growth of Native Advertising. As one of the key players in content advertising, recently commissioned Amárach Research to conduct a study on Irish women’s smartphone use. They found that:

71% of female 25-34 year olds are buying clothes through their mobile.

73% of them have their phone with them at all times at home

38% of women are using Snapchat and 42% Instagram and 41% Pinterest

With online usage via smartphones in Ireland at 30% more than the EU average (25% more than UK), online planners cannot overlook the importance of including mobile on media plans. To do this, we need to allow more of our budgets to digital. However, we must remain creative in our format choices in order for consumers to remain engaged with our advertisements and not just looking for the ‘X’. We need to think outside the Facebook box, when it comes to social media and investigate new and innovative ideas on SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms that emerge in this year of the mobile. 

- Aisling Foster

*eir Connected Living Survey November 2015

**RED C poll 2015

*** IAB Ireland PwC Online Ad-spend Study for 2015 (Jan to Dec)

Carat's Ciara Harrison wins the Irish Young Lions Competition 

We are delighted and proud to announce that our very own Social Media & Content Manager Ciara Harrison has won the Cyber Category for the Irish Young Lions Competition along with Johanna Molloy from Vocal. They will compete at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in June.

Young people working in ad agencies were asked to respond with a campaign for 2016 charity partner Peter McVerry Trust. With the support of the Institute of Advertising Practitioners Ireland (IAPI) and their sponsors Google, Shuttershock and Wide Eye Media,  Ireland will have three Young Lions teams, six young professionals, competing against the best young advertising talent in the world. This is the largest number of young creatives Ireland will have competing at Cannes Young Lions to date.

The winning teams from the three categories are:

Cyber: Ciara Harrison from Carat and Johanna Molloy from Vocal.

Media: David Thompson and David Wright from Starcom.

Film Young Lions : Laura Halpin and Ronan Jennings from Havas Worldwide Dublin.

Tania Banotti, CEO of IAPI said; “The winning teams stood out for their creative insight, the presentation of their strategy and the rationale behind their campaigns.  IAPI is delighted and excited for them all. We’ll be working with them between now and June with presentation skills training and giving them sample campaigns to work on to ensure they’re match fit when competing against the best young adverting talent worldwide.”

Francis Doherty, Communications and Advocacy Manager at Peter McVerry Trust concluded; “Peter McVerry Trust was delighted with the quality and innovative nature of the proposals submitted across all three categories. We’d like to thank IAPI for providing us with opportunity to benefit from this competition which will undoubtedly strengthen our core goal of tackling homelessness in Ireland.”



Mar TV Viewership
Viewership in March followed a very familiar trend with bottom-line TV in ROI down for all key audiences. Hw+Ch down a -7% while Ads 15-34 down -16%. An early Easter this year coming straight out of the back of St. Patricks weekend made an enticing holiday season for many.
RTÉ drove a lot of this decline with Hw+Ch down -7% and Ads 15-34 down -23%. The 1916 commemorations were clearly not enough to bolster the ratings here. Irelands early defeats in the Six Nations also impacting year on year. 
TV3 was not so bad holding on to Hw+Ch a bit better than RTE, Dirty Dancing on Good Friday, The Restaurant, Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and McCanns and the Conman all bringing in the viewers. Ads 15-34 also down less than RTÉ with Champions League, The Commitments working well here. 
Ant and Dec was the real winner this March for UTV Ireland. The show performed very strong for all audiences (189k all Ads) which helped this audience come in flat year on year while the Hw+Ch audience up +7%, the highest gain we’re seeing. 
On the satellite channels C4 Digital again performed quite badly with audiences down between -15% and -32% respectively. Sky performed a little better with Hw+Ch down -1% however Ads 15-34 was down -12% year on year. 
Performance in NI was also quite bad across the board from Hw+Ch down -14% to Ads 15-34 down -12%. Early Easter again showing in the numbers. 
C4 Ulster was worse still with double digit declines all round, Hw+Ch under by -21% and Ads 15-34 under by -19%. 
March 2016
- Noel McCarthy
Sean Melly backs new television advertising start-up
Powerscourt Capital, Enterprise Ireland and other private investors have injected €500,000 into a new Irish technology start-up aimed at revolutionising television advertising.
Powerscourt is led by Sean Melly, a candidate for the forthcoming Seanad election and chair of Trinity College Dublin's Business School.
The company receiving the equity investment is TVadSync, the brainchild of Ronan Higgins and Pieter Oonk, which was founded to address changing TV viewing behaviour. Melly is also its chairman.
The business taps into the 'second screen' phenomenon, whereby an increasing number of people who watch television do so while also browsing the internet on another device at the same time.
A February study by Britain's Internet Advertising Bureau found that just half of adults now see the TV set as the focal point of their living room, with 70pc reporting that they use a connected device like a smartphone whilst watching TV. This rises to 87pc among 16-34-year-olds.
During TV programmes, over one third (34pc) said they checked emails, 31pc used messaging services and a quarter shopped online.
TVadSync helps advertisers to take advantage of this, syncing up online advertising with what appears on people's TVs. Last year, the company was included on Unilever's list of the world's most promising technology start-ups.
*Source: Irish Independent
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