Learning & Development

We have a rigorous training programme in place for staff at all levels in Carat Ireland.  We have a weekly training session at 10am on Thursday mornings for all staff.  Over the course of the year, no matter your area of specialism or when you may have joined, you will learn everything you need to know to do your job to the highest possible standard.  Outside of these ‘must-have’ skills, we run a number of other programmes to further broaden the knowledge and competence of our people.

We run Digital Days with selected media owners to immerse people in new platforms and technologies and make sure they are up to speed with the incredibly fast-moving and ever-evolving world of digital.  In the past these days have been hosted and run by Facebook, Google and Twitter to name a few. 

The Carat University runs once every two months and is pretty much like a university seminar, complete with a pre-reading list and open discussion and debate.  Topics covered have included Behavioural Economics and the Future of the Media Agency.  Weighty stuff for a Tuesday morning, so we make sure there’s coffee and pastries provided!

Finally we have Irish participants in the DAN global talent acceleration programme ‘Route 500’.  This programme is run from our London office and seeks to bring the most talented members of the network from the UK and Ireland together for a series of learning and development sessions.  The goal of Route 500 is to retain, manage and progress the brightest most talented minds in Carat and the wider DAN group and the Irish participants have enjoyed and benefited greatly from it.

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