Carat Turkey Wins 8 Crystal Apple Awards


Carat Turkey took home eight awards at the world's second biggest marketing communications and creativity event, the Crystal Apple Festival of Creativity, which was held in Istanbul on 17-19 September. Organized by the Turkish Association of Advertising Agencies, the 26th Crystal Apple Festival of Creativity had over more 3,000 applicants.

Carat Turkey won the Media Grand Prix, 3x Crystal (Gold), 1x Silver and 3x Bronze awards in Integrated Media, Mobile Usage, TV Usage, FMCG and Durable Goods categories:

-Coca-Cola Share a Coke Integrated Campaign (2x Crystal & Media Grand Prix)

-Coca-Cola Share a Coke Mobile Ad (1x Crystal)

-Coca-Cola 50th Year in Turkey - TV usage (1x Silver)

-Coca-Cola Share a Coke - TV usage (1x Bronze)

-Nokia Robotic Photography - (1x Bronze)

-Nokia Zoom Rich Media Ad - (1x Bronze)


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