Cadillac House


On June 1st Cadillac opens the doors of its latest initiative to attract to the 'Next Gen Lux’ audience (developed using CCS Diamond) and cements the brand's presence and contribution to its vibrant NYC HQ.
Cadillac House, located at 330 Hudson in TriBeCa launches with a VIP party of key celebrities, influencers, friends of the brand and partner businesses on the evening of June 1st. This space and place is designed to provide a lifestyle place for people to meet, work, collaborate and create all endorsed by the Cadillac brand. 
Whilst media plays a huge role in re-shaping the perception issues that Cadillac faces, this permanent experiential place (think more Soho House than car showroom) will bring the brands pillars to life in the physical world. Open to the public the place will allow entrepreneurs and likeminded individuals to have a place way from their office or home.
Already housed within the House are a start-up incubator providing support to up and coming designers associated with the CFDA (linking into our partnership around men’s Fashion Week NYC and with substantial grants already allocated) and an experiential art gallery curated by NY based Visionaire, not to mention a bespoke scent and Joe’s Coffee offering with a unique ‘Cadillac’ blend. 
Less a showroom of the future and more a physical manifestation of the brand, Cadillac House opens to the public on June 2nd and themes throughout the HQ tie back to the 'Content Compass' created in 2014 by Carat/TSL/DAN that align across media, content, PR and experiential. 
The Cadillac House concept is due to be rolled out globally in key markets during 2017/8 such as Canada, Europe and the Middle East and we are also supporting with paid social, search, content and integrations. 
Please find more details in the earned media we are garnering such as below.
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