Carat at DMEXCO: highlights and observations

This year's DMEXCO was all about Artificial Intelligence and data.

A big theme in AI was about ensuring the real people behind it don't get forgotten.

Carat Global President, Christine Removille took to an industry stage for the first time in her new role, and spoke to this in a debate about Diversity in AI.

DMEXCO’s theme was “TAKE CARE” - Curiosity, Action, Responsibility, Experience.  It also mirrors Carat's journey:  to be curious and truly understand people as individuals.  To meet our clients’ needs, by activating at speed and with accuracy.  To be responsible, not only for growing their brands, but for helping them do this in the right way – especially when it comes to data.  And, of course, to imagine and implement the very best experiences for people on behalf of our clients.

Christine spoke a lot this week – with clients, partners, on stage and with journalists – about the way this explosion is driving us towards a “People Premium” where companies who truly know their customers and can act on that information, will win long-term shareholder value.  Agencies – and especially Carat - are experts in building a brand premium, but our clients require us to go further, faster and become expert in creating this People Premium. 

“With our investment in M1, with the support of the Dentsu Aegis Network and above all because of the skills, talent and passion I see around the business, we are in a fantastic position to achieve this together and to show that our Carat brand is something we are very proud of,” said Christine.

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