Aistė Gudaitienė

Head of Data Science & BI
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Experienced Data Scientist, Data & Technology Expert with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Building scalable analytical products using and applying advanced data techniques. Coding various business solutions that lead to the fully optimized processes. R, SAS and Python programming and statistic modelling. Taking responsibility for managing and developing unprecedented market dashboards in MS Power BI. Strong information technology and analytics professional with a Master's degree focused in Applied Mathematics (specialization – Data Mining).

A business growth consultant that helps to achieve specific business goals. Engaged in market realities and always examine the unique nature of customers’ business today.

My relationship with my husband is the greatest source of joy in my life. Currently I am learning about painting on canvas design - a field that I was always interested in since childhood but never had the opportunity to learn properly. It‘s the way to fill the space in a beautiful way.

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