If I Ran Woolies

As one of Australia’s largest and most iconic retail groups and one of Carat’s largest Australian clients, Carat’s internal Woolworths (Woolies) working group is among the largest teams in the agency.


Now in its second year running, ‘If I Ran Woolies’ is an initiative designed by Carat to foster collaboration among the Woolies team, and strengthen the partnership with Woolies, with the ultimate prospect of the strongest ideas being implemented.

Teams of the ‘If I Ran Woolies’ challenge are encouraged to think differently and bring their unique perspectives to develop a fantastic business idea, which would ultimately be judged by Woolworths.


The strategy behind this initiative is to challenge Carat's Woolies teams to come up with creative business solutions for Woolies, unencumbered by budget, timing or specific campaign brief parameters.

Teams, made up of members from all disciplines of Carat’s internal Woolies' team (planning /strategy/connect/investment/ and representatives from Out-Of-Home sister-agency Posterscope), then took turns presenting their cases to Woolworths on what business problem they would like to address and their solution-based approach.

Presentations were shared over a lunch encouraging questions, feedback and input from all attendees.


Now in its second year, the initiative has received excellent client feedback, including from Head of Media and Head of In-Store Marketing at Woolworths.

The last winner, ‘Canteen Fresh’, focusing on health education for children, is currently being investigated by Woolworths and Carat.

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