2015 | South Africa

Woolworths, as a retailer with a difference, has a vision far beyond the bottom line. Sustainable principles are ingrained in their business, and they feel a responsibility to communicate this to the broader market; to truly make a difference for the future of South Africa and beyond.

G 890% Value Delivered The editorial delivered was at an 890% value versus investment. This is testament to the strength of negotiations.


We launched a high impact campaign with Pharrell Williams in support of Sustainability. The launch drove awareness of the partnership with this international icon, but did not deliver deep comprehension of the important issues at hand.


We were tasked to provide a highly credible space to drive education around Sustainability in South Africa. Our goal was to empower consumers to make a difference in their personal capacities, ultimately creating a movement for positive change.


We established that the Sunday Times is the number 1 source of credible and trusted news in South Africa – it is highly reputable and consumers would take heed of their content. We also knew that readership of our consumer base for The Sunday Times was significant. So, we partnered with the Sunday Times and negotiated a takeover of the paper – The Green Issue. For the day, the paper changed their iconic red mastheads to green – this has never been done before over the 110 years of their existence. In addition, the paper’s editorial team was tasked with creating content that was led by the theme of sustainability. So, each section of the paper featured relevant articles about sustainability issues (within Business, Lifestyle, Fashion etc). Some of the articles referenced Woolworths, but editorial credibility was key, so this was only encouraged where relevant. Woolworths placed their own messages throughout the paper, sharing their vision and useful information, in a very credible platform. The issue was supported by Sunday Times marketing initiatives, digital media and even Pharrell himself.

G 890% Value Delivered The editorial delivered was at an 890% value versus investment. This is testament to the strength of negotiations.
E 5% Increse in Sales of Green Products Consumers shopping Green products have increased to 3.2m (+5%) over the campaign period, they are shopping more often, buying more and spending more on sustainable products (+7% spent).
w The Green Issue was part of a bigger campaign for which the results have been impressive to-date: Consumer metrics measured by Millward Brown demonstrated consistent or significant uplift in awareness scores for all sustainable measures. (e.g. 90% feel that they encourage you to re-use or re-cycle product packaging.)
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