Carat South Africa introduces Make Brave Happen


Last week, Carat introduced Make Brave Happen, a quarterly session designed to push the boundaries and break through comfort zones in the media and communication arena.


The aim is to leapfrog current ways in which we approach briefs and tasks at Carat.


Themes put forward included messenger bots, neuroscience concepts and a completely new take on recruitment. All Dentsu Aegis Network agencies were invited to attend and workshop the concepts further.


A highlight from the day was our partner, GeistNeuro, hitching the team up and exploring cognitive possibilities and patterns relating to issues like second screening, impact and stimulation.

There were some awkward moments with eye tracking and some great laughs surrounding focus points in particular content viewed.


Neuroscience was explored with the aim of delivering the best possible consumer behaviour data outcomes for clients that will enable better cross platform planning and messenger bots were pushed into a space that would assist us is redefining media as we know it.

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