To increase consideration with Millennials, we implemented a VIP, social media-powered sampling event on a hot summer day in New York City. Users tweeted #EvianBottleService to receive a free bottle of Evian, delivered to them on a silver platter by our chic, Parisian-styled bicycle street teams.


$ 46% Sales increase



Evian dominated Premium Water sales throughout the 80’s and 90’s, but with more than 200 water brands in the US, and a lack of relevance with young adults, Evian’s share dropped to 12%.


To win over young adults, who represented a majority of category sales, Evian needed to drive trial in a splashy way that motivated consumers to share their brand experience with peers to drive buzz.


We crafted a unique, VIP social media-powered sampling event in NYC that armed consumers with share-worthy experiences by using brand ambassadors to deliver Evian to consumers who requested a sample via Twitter.  


Insight and STRATEGY

Young adults tune-out brand messages if they aren’t relevant to their needs. So, how could a water brand grab their attention? Since this group of consumers reject traditional ads, we used social media to break through the sea of bottled waters with a unique sampling event on the hottest day of the year in the biggest US market – New York City.

To help beat the summer heat, anyone who tweeted #EvianBottleService received a free Evian delivered right to them, served on a silver platter by the brand’s pink bicycle-riding, chic Parisian-styled street team.  

The hyper-targeted hashtag #EvianBottleService informed consumers of the sampling event and we geo-fenced popular areas around Manhattan during the hottest hours of the day to maximize reach. Constant communications with the sampling crew reallocated dollars in real-time to areas needing more exposure. Even spokesperson Maria Sharapova provided additional social support.

$ 46% Sales increase
) 1,100 New followers
w 2.9 million impressions
w 75,000 Young adults engaged
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