Everybody In

After over a decade of no mass General Motors brand communications in the marketplace, the launch of their “Everybody In” campaign served as a rallying cry during a true inflection point in automotive.  

Through this first-to-market media partnership, GM Brand helped Viacom to launch their brand-new Paramount+ streaming service and invite “Everybody In” to the all-electric future. 

  • 2022 Internationalist Award for Innovation in Media 2022 Internationalist Award for Innovation in Media Gold

Transitioning To an All-Electric Future

1Q ‘21, General Motors debuted their media campaign as part of the company’s comprehensive efforts to debut a new generation of electric vehicles and accelerate mass adoption.   

The path toward this goal was encouraging the adoption of EVs and electrification at scale through cultural partnerships and moments. The “Everybody in” campaign was developed as a call-to-action, highlighting the Ultium Battery technology that will enable the forward momentum of EV adoption at the center of GM’s electrification strategy.   

In 2Q, Viacom was entering the “streaming wars” with their OTT service, Paramount +, to further expand their entertainment footprint and provide more original content and choice to consumers. The partnership with Viacom afforded GM an opportunity to leverage this cultural equity and combine efforts introducing entertainment for all, powered by electrification for all.  

Breakthrough in Culture

General Motors has a powerful brand narrative to tell to combat and change negative perceptions of EVs, as they are positioned at the forefront of bringing advanced technologies to market at scale.   

To reach and motivate the brand target, informed by GM and dentsu’s proprietary M1 tool, Carat needed to craft a plan with smart purposeful placements to breakthrough, with the message that GM is leading the all-electric future and inviting “Everybody In” to join the movement.   

GM Brand implemented a co-branded spot featuring Viacom talent, embarking on an adventure powered by General Motor’s Ultium technology to experience all that the new entertainment service, Paramount+, has to offer. The co-brand was distributed cross-platform (TV/Digital) with multiple consumer touch points including :15sec and :30sec creative across various TV programs, along with digital components running on Paramount+.  

The Impact

The co-branded campaign was effective for increasing consideration and perception of GM’s electrification efforts with a 10pt increase in GM Brand Favorability and a 12pt increase in GM Brand Consideration and Purchase Intent.  

The campaign also produced strong engagement behaviorally and the co-branded spot delivered 44.1MM impressions, an estimated 43MM+ video completes, and an estimated 98% VCR.

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