Designing for the Now and Next, Predictions by Carat for the Year Ahead

As we enter 2023, consumers are divided over whether to feel optimistic or pessimistic. Economic indicators are continuing to offer a conflicting picture of what lies ahead, but we are certainly in the midst of a VIBECESSION. The current vibe will impact the way people consume media in 2023. From an increased desire for dopamine hits and a need for simple solutions, to a rise in platforms that offer wellness and self-expression, the Vibecession is poised to impact the media landscape in both subtle and major ways. 

In this new landscape, it’s even more important that brands and marketers design media with consumers at the center. Media provides both enhancement and utility in consumers’ lives - when we design media with emotional intelligence, we create experiences that make everyday life better for people.  

Explore the key trends that are shaping the 2023 media landscape in both subtle and major ways, and learn how brands can get involved.  

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