Charmin’s Deuce Destroyer named Adweek Media Plan of the Year

Recognized as one of 24 campaigns across the globe, cutting through the noise and meeting consumers in new and unconventional ways, P&G's Charmin Deuce Destroyer campaign has been recognized as an Adweek Media Plan of the Year.

For Twitch's most influential streamers, stepping away for even a short break can result in a loss of viewers. To help keep young audiences entertained, Charmin brought viewers The Charmin Deuce Destroyer, a mini video game that popped up whenever a streamer took a bathroom break. With the goal to collect rolls of toilet paper to toss at flying poop emojis, players competed for Bits, Twitch’s digital currency, that they could then donate to their favorite streamers.

Congratulations to our incredible clients, teams and partners on this recognition!

To read more about the campaign, check out the original article on Adweek here

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