Vauxhall: Showcasing the MOKKA

2016 | London

We used a clever fusion of our owned CCS panel data with Facebook and Twitter user data to create a segmented approach to launching the new Vauxhall MOKKA by automatically matching product features to the most appropriate audiences and serving up bespoke ads.


F 30% Ad Recall Lift We achieved the highest ad recall lift of all global FB Auto campaigns ever measured by Nielsen, +30% vs. the 7% control benchmark.



Crossover SUV’s (sport utility vehicles) are one of the biggest growth areas in the automotive market. The MOKKA combines the road presence of an SUV, with the dynamic handling of a sports hatchback.

Because it’s a relatively new and successful segment, there is a lot of competition, which, in turn, has created lots of clutter and a lack of distinction between brands and models. So in order to get visibility of the new MOKKA, we needed a completely different campaign approach. Creating a TV ad and seeding it on YouTube wasn’t going to cut it – this old method would not stand out. We turned to our proprietary tool Consumer Connection System (CCS) to define our audience and find meaningful insights.

Through CCS we arrived at three very different audiences and we knew that we needed to effectively show the key features of the MOKKA that were most relevant for each audience: Younger Couples with kids, Older Couples, and Substance with Style.



We defined three separate customer experiences, appealing to three different lifestyles, and three reasons to buy the MOKKA. One video wasn’t going to help illustrate all the key features for our three audiences.

Our global media partners shared research showing how important the role of video is in the path to purchase: 82% of auto purchasers’ research online, with video being the 2nd go-to resource. This provided the logical rationale for our idea of creating personalised, hyper-relevant video for online consumption, driving each audience segment towards purchase decisions.

So, through our agency and media partner relationships we proposed to run a personalisation test as well as fusing our CCS audience data with Facebook and Twitter – two unique tests in one.

Fusing our CCS audiences with Facebook and Twitter meant that we could advertise to each group with the corresponding video that would most interest them – this had never been done before with Facebook or Twitter. The hypothesis of this test was that personalising your video for digital will deliver greater results than running a generic video. To make the test valid, we needed one generic video to serve to all audiences and then two personalized per segment.



We presented the opportunity to our client, showcasing an ecosystem with the consumer journey and all the different media touchpoints. This explained how all the different videos being served to the different audiences would deliver greater return on investment of our media.

MRM, Vauxhall’s digital creative agency, produced an idea to develop personalised creative based on audience insight from Reevoo - a third party review site - comprised of real life consumer questions / reviews. These real life questions included:


- Can I fit two large dogs in the MOKKA boot?
- Is there enough leg room for a tall man in the back of the MOKKA?
- ‘How much luggage space is there in the MOKKA’

The twelve videos were shot in a tongue-in-cheek, humorous style by Craft, McCann World, to make them more engaging on social media platforms. The videos were then delivered against their relevant CCS audiences.

For example, when we served to the Younger Couples with kids segment, we served 1x generic video ‘Can I fit two large dogs in the MOKKA boot?’ and then 2x more personalized videos; ‘How much luggage space is there in the MOKKA?’ and ‘The Vauxhall MOKKA for late night drives when the baby doesn’t settle’. 


F 30% Ad Recall Lift We achieved the highest ad recall lift of all global FB Auto campaigns ever measured by Nielsen, +30% vs. the 7% control benchmark.

“We were interested to understand how focusing our content and copy around key audiences would help to deliver stronger results for the business and we were delighted with the results that the campaign delivered.”

Richard Burgess Social Media Manager, Vauxhall
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