The CCS and BARB Programme Index

2015 | London

When creating this product launch campaign for Vauxhall Carat weren’t satisfied with the status quo. We needed to “break” the industry standard of buying TV. In the end we delivered a ground-breaking statistical fusion to connect respondent level data from our CCS panel to the BARB panel. Our work provided Vauxhall with their first truly connected data source. The work helped save media wastage whilst delivering phenomenal sales results.

Q 71% Ad Recall Research from the Core4 insight panel showed 71% definitely recalled the ad and had positive sentiment toward the New Corsa


In a saturated market we needed the new look New Corsa by Vauxhall to stand out. Our brief was to raise awareness of this key launch. We wanted to highlight the car’s fantastic suite of features to build consideration, sending traffic to the website to perform an action (become a lead) and ultimately help drive sales.


We turned to Carat’s proprietary research tool Consumer Connection System (CCS) to help define our audiences. CCS is a tool that samples over 11,000 consumers in GB annually. It seeks to understand what media individuals are consuming, but also provides insight into their underlying motivations, attitudes and opinions that drive their behavioural choices. Through CCS we arrived at two core - but very different – audiences the “Traditionalist” and the ‘Independent Seekers’. Because the two segments were so attitudinally different, we needed to efficiently and effectively showcase the different features to the different segments, but with the shared aim of driving sales and pushing on-site traffic.

Our strategy was to utilise high-quality content placed in a ‘digital first’ approach. The audio/video leveraged the creative concept of Corsa ‘A-to-Z’ with each feature represented within the alphabet. To drive interest, we then entered a “specific” phase where we needed smart, data-led, media solutions to place the most relevant and appealing features specifically in front of either our Traditionalist or Independent Seeker audience to drive interest. A suite of 10” snappy ‘A, B, C’ videos were created for this purpose. For example, ‘S is Stream-along’ highlights the ability to stream music in the New Corsa, and was specifically targeted to our Independent Seeker, as CCS told us they had a passion for streaming music.


When executing this campaign, we needed to “break” the industry standard of buying TV. Whilst hyper targeting interest and attitudinal segments in digital and social is common place, TV is still traded in blunt demographic audiences. This meant the granular level data planned against using CCS was not available when executing TV.

However, the Carat team was not satisfied with the status quo. We worked with Amplifi to deliver a ground breaking statistical fusion to connect respondent level data from the CCS panel to the BARB panel to provide a truly connected data source. This fusion has never been done before and allowed us to analyse, buy and report against our unique CCS audiences, allowing us the insight into what they watched on TV as recent as yesterday, rather than relying on out of date, claimed data, or data broken down only by demographics.

CCS data showed video on-demand was important for our two segments, but again BARB data does not reflect VoD consumption. For Vauxhall we used the fused data to deliver an industry first. We targeted our audiences on VoD by pairing CCS data with 4oD’s data from 12m registered users. The result was our CCS BARB Programme Index. The Index revealed a selection of programmes that were most relevant - and the individuals that regularly watched them. Both were identified and grouped to build custom audience segments (totaling 2.4m viewers) to precisely reflect the New Corsa ‘Independent Seeker’ and ‘Traditionalist’. We then delivered the ‘feature’ creative that would most resonate with the viewer in the most highly relevant and recently informed programming.

Q 71% Ad Recall Research from the Core4 insight panel showed 71% definitely recalled the ad and had positive sentiment toward the New Corsa
E 102% Perfomance increase Our custom segmentation saw 102% uplifts in performance versus standard targeting with CTR
& 46% Consideration Consideration increased by 46%, website traffic +55% and YOY leads increase by 30%
£ 20% New Corsa Sales By the end of the quarter New Corsa sales were tracking 20% above target
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