Alleviating Frustration at the Station


In order to re-enforce Gordon’s position as a trusted straightforward drink, we identified a classic Gordon’s moment and designed a campaign to ‘alleviate frustration at the station’.  We partnered with Weve and created an innovative and targeted SMS campaign.

A 155,255 Messages delivered across 3 Month Period


Diageo is witnessing a “premiumisation” of the gin category, as consumers seek out new flavours and experiment with craft brands. Premium gins are growing 3 times faster than standard ones. But at the other end of the spectrum, Aldi’s Own Label had beat Hendrick’s in blind taste tests. Gordon’s, Europe’s number 1 gin, was stuck somewhere in the middle and fighting to maintain its position.

Gordon’s is the straightforward, trusted choice when you don’t need a drink that requires a ‘mixologist’ or dry ice: all you really want is a bloody good gin and tonic – right then and there. We were tasked with reminding the nation of this.


Insight / strategy

Commuting home is a perfect example of a ‘Gordon’s moment’. Especially when there are delays.  Something that many commuters had to grapple with a lot in the UK in 2018. We’ve all been there: you arrive, weary, at the station only to find a sea of people crowded around the screens as delays are announced. Exasperated, you really fancy a drink – a refreshing Gin & Tonic in fact – but don’t want to risk missing the next train.

We saw this as the perfect moment to help ‘alleviate frustration at the station’ by suggesting a premixed Gin & Tonic in a can, and showing commuters how to find one easily. 




We partnered with Weve and devised an innovative SMS campaign. Weve’s Primary Messaging Research 2016 identified that 100% of users open text messages and 75% do so within the first five minutes. No other digital format could provide the same cut-through to deliver a location-targeted message in real time.  This industry first used conventional technology in an unconventional way.

We identified known travellers over 18. Weve’s unique access to verified, deterministic telco-contract data ensured a 100% accuracy that people were over the legal drinking age.

We then used mobile phone tower coverage and density near key stations to ensure the campaign was only triggered within a 200m radius, ensuring as little wastage as possible. To avoid those just passing through the area, habitual data was overlaid to build an audience of known commuters who frequented specific railway stations, adding an additional layer of verification. 

Finally, we had to know when our audience was delayed. We devised a live National Rail API feed and partnered with cross-channel customer engagement provider Engage Hub, to integrate the feed.

A 155,255 Messages delivered across 3 Month Period
U 7,763 People immediately purchased upon receiving Weve text
E 6.37% The text CTR smashed the planned target of 0.5%
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