Big Adventures with Big Milk



Arla launched Big Milk in 2014. A fresh whole milk enriched with essential nutrients: Iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and Calcium, needed for children’s growth and development. Perfect for fuelling kids adventures aged 1 to 5.  The brand is in value growth of 27% and volume growth of 23% YOY.

Our challenge was to grow % volume sales with a very lean £270k budget and zero assets.  All in the context of a highly cluttered, low-interest category, dominated by own label, and with relatively limited distribution. 

Audience analysis showed us that routine is key. Once parents find something that works for their family they tend to stick with it. Getting parents into Big Milk at the point when their child transitions to cow’s milk at 12 months was critical. This timing often coincides with parents return to work. At which point the precious bedtime story moment takes on another level of importance, helping continue the powerful bond between parent and child. 

We also realised packaging could play an important role in attracting the attention of both parents and children at the shelf.  Buying milk is very habitual - we needed a way of disrupting this journey. 

We looked for something that would create an emotional connection between Big Milk and story time, whilst also being instantly recognisable to parents and children. Enter the Gruffalo, the most memorable pre-school property in the UK, with over 13 million copies sold and 90% awareness amongst parents. This loveable monster was also not over-exposed as the brand image is protected by a licencing team that only allow high-quality partnerships. 

From this Arla created an interagency team to develop a storyline for the partnership, creating the ‘Big Adventures with Big Milk’. The theme of adventures ties in with both brands product truths as Big milk fuels the adventures of mums’ and dads’ littles ones through its nourishing goodness.

At the heart of the ‘Big Adventures’ campaign is the on-pack promotion of the Gruffalo & Big Milk monthly prize draw; 504 prizes to be won in total including 12 family trips to Chessington World of Adventures Resort and 492 Gruffalo themed adventure packs. With Arla, we negotiated for Magic Light to allow the Gruffalo and friends to appear on the pack to promote the competition, which has given amazing stand out on shelf. Supporting this is the online hub developed by Twenty Six and Arla found on the
Arla website. Working collaboratively with Mindjumpers and Mumsnet to build video assets, the site is packed with adventurous activities, such as the Big Adventures social videos, Gruffalo inspired recipe videos and much more... 

We celebrated the campaign on Mumsnet with adventure-themed discussions and advice from mummy influencers.  Working with Arla and Mindjumpers we also brought the campaign to life on social media through our #BigAdventures social videos. 

The campaign is still running, but early figures show that Big Milk sales are already up August-November '18 across all their major accounts; in the first two months, we saw +23% in Big Milk’s unit sales compared to the same period in 2017. For digital engagements in the first three months, we have had over 400,000 engagements from parents with toddlers and 120,000 entries to the competition to date. A staggering achievement for such a small investment. 

We are so excited to have partnered with Magic Light for the year, helping us celebrate and encourage children’s adventurous natures with the Gruffalo. Feedback from mums so far has been really positive, with strong engagements on our #BigAdventures social videos, activations across Mumsnet & Bounty.

Arla Marketing Team
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