The Independent covers our CCS research showing that more than 50% of people no longer surf the web


The web revolution promised consumers a cornucopia of choice. Now, more than half of internet users have stopped surfing sites for content because there is too much choice and information, according to research from the global media agency Carat.

The Independent CCS

Web surfing has been reduced to a few key brands. The top five trusted UK sites are the BBC, Amazon, BBC Online, Google and ITV, Carat found.

This is bad news for advertisers – 41 per cent of people feel overwhelmed by the choice on the web and now prefer to trust friends’ recommendations on social media rather than search out content themselves. This tendency is particularly strong among “Millennials”, the generation aged 18 to 28.

Dan Hagen, chief strategy officer at Carat, said: “Just a short time ago, people happily searched the net, jumping from one site to the next to the next. But, as the internet matured, the content available grew exponentially, to the point that users are now starting to feel ‘choice fatigue’.

“Publishers and advertisers will have to work harder to attract users who feel overwhelmed by the sheer wealth of choice,” he added.

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