The Daily Mail is launching its own online TV series – will this take a publishing trend to a new level?


Daily Mail TV is set to be launched in 2016 – hosted by Dr Phil McGraw and attempting to tap into the talking points of the day. Joanna Davies, creative solutions assistant, looks at how branded content is evolving – and the role media companies can play.

Daily Mail TV Publishing
The Daily Mail has announced it is launching ‘Daily Mail TV’ – a showbiz and online trending show hosted by US television presenter Dr Phil McGraw.
They appear to be ploughing significant amounts of effort into the move, syndicating the show with anchors in London, New York, Sydney and Los Angeles.
BuzzFeed, too, has recently announced that it is looking for ways to transfer the BuzzFeed brand onto TV. 
The last year or so has seen a steady increase in brands delving into the world of branded content. Earlier this year Cosmo launched their very own piece of branded content on Sky TV. As a natural extension of their magazine, the Cosmo Body Show covered workouts, healthy eating advice, fashion fitness and beauty tips. It also featured Lucy Mecklenburgh, a perfect match in celebrity endorsement, who left TOWIE to start up her own fitness business ‘Results with Lucy’.
There has been a noticeable shift of brands moving in this direction and towards meaning; creating content, which isn’t just about the product, but about something which has a message intrinsic to it. Cosmo effectively harnessed this; their audience love health and fitness and this piece of branded content was able to bring them closer to this assimilation, tighten up the identification and bring them front of mind. 
Jamie Oliver, who launched Family Food Tube earlier this month, joining his other two YouTube channels, recently told Marketing Magazine that he believes broadcasting is going through the most disruptive time since the TV was invented – celebs can talk directly to audiences without having to deal with those pesky TV commissioners. 
“I like the idea that marketing departments can be the new TV commissioners,” he told the magazine.
This also places media agencies in the ideal position to leverage branded content into a variety of campaigns. Last year we worked with British Gas to create Home Truths, part of the wider activation of their three-year sponsorship of property programming on Channel 4. Sitting within 4Shorts on 4od, the 4-5 minute clips explore the stories and personalities behind people’s houses, and what it is that makes a house into a Home.
Meanwhile, Vauxhall created a branded content series called the Siberia Challenge, which followed the real journey that a series of ex-servicemen undertook – attempting to travel from Europe’s most Westerly road, to Asia’s most easterly. 
Covering 12,000 miles, and 21 countries in just two months, they were able to conquer some of the planet's toughest roads from the driver’s seat of the new Vauxhall Vivaro. The footage was edited to a series of 20” and 60” clips that played out on Channel 5 during ad breaks, which drove to a Channel 5 microsite where extended versions of each episode were shown, around five minutes each. A full 25 minute video of the whole journey was also created at the client’s request for playback in retail spaces and their own offices.   
With Carat’s fully integrated Story Lab proposition now in place, and our own content team to hand, we are in a leveraged position to deliver exciting and quality branded content for our clients.


Daily Mail TV Publishing
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