The Art of Brilliant Storytelling - insights from The Story Lab, ITV, Camelot & Vizeum


An elite collective of speakers from The Story Lab, Camelot, ITV and Vizeum last week explored the enduring characteristics of storytelling and evolving context in which it is developing. The Story Lab's George Hixson tells us what they had to say about perfecting this crucial art...

storytelling ITV Camelot Story Lab

The Story Lab's very own Max Garner led the charge in this extremely insightful event, with an illuminating presentation about the approach that needs to be taken when storytelling.

Content must be seen like a book. Therefore to create interaction and value, readers need to learn something or be entertained.

It is also important to address your audience (as opposed to your consumer). By humanising your engagers, you can unearth their passion points and align with them. In turn, they will help tell, shape and share your stories.

Richard Klein, Director of Factual at ITV, highlighted the permanency of excellent, emotive storytelling.

Since reading the oldest known sagas and other reputable written prose in human history, he boldly concluded that originality does not exist. It is our job to find new, captivating perspectives on the same scripts.

To do so you must be daring and welcome vulgarity, when necessary, to emphasise key elements of your story.

His take home messages were to supercharge your content and, while indirectly conjuring up an image of our favourite Homer, guiltlessly fill your story with an abundance of ham and cheese.

Although the fundamentals have not changed, Chrissy Totty (Vizeum’s Head of Innovation) articulated the rampantly progressive context in which storytelling lives.

Drawing on examples of wholly immersive game play and journalism authored by Artificial Intelligence, Chrissy asserted that this constantly evolving technological landscape should be utilised.

There are now limitless possibilities to effectively blend technology, data and stories to create and deliver exceptional content. And Camelot have a head start, because they have a vast catalogue of extraordinary and inspirational stories they can draw upon.

Sally Cowdry, the Marketing and Consumer Director at Camelot, accentuated this point.

She also, explained that – on the back of a stellar 2015 media campaign and with the key points from this session at the front of our minds – there is now a fantastic opportunity to develop their storytelling capabilities exponentially.

storytelling ITV Camelot Story Lab
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