SO MOnday: 7th September 2015


Abbey Torrance and Hewie Dalrymple round up the best social and mobile news from the past week - including Amazon Restaurants, SAB MIller, Facebook's new mobile ads, and more...

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Amazon Restaurants

Not long ago on So Monday we told you how Amazon plans on moving into the food sector with Amazon Fresh, a grocery delivery service. Well, now reports have emerged that they are entering into the meal delivery service.

An Amazon Job description on LinkedIn reads: "Hungry? Ordering food just got easier with Amazon Restaurants. Customers can now order meal delivery from top-rated restaurants in their area.

The scheme would work if the customer was a Prime Now user, a one hour delivery initiative that was launched in New York in December and here in London as recently as June. Amazon has reportedly been testing this under-wraps hot food delivery service in Seattle by allowing Prime Now drivers in the area to double as meal deliverers. How this shapes up as an official service may depend on what catches on with consumers.

SAB Miller’s Interactive Print Ad

Abraxas, a premium ale by SAB Miller, has run a pretty cool interactive print ad that requires the LED torch on your smartphone.

The ad itself challenges you to turn on your light and run it behind the page to reveal the ad. It’s a very simple idea that doesn’t require an app and is an innovative way of grabbing the attention of customers through print. Check out this video here...

Facebook is testing new Mobile Ads

Recently Facebook has been testing a new mobile ad format. 

'The ad looks like a Facebook post, but opens into a full screen ad that operates like a mini version of an advertiser's website, allowing users to scroll through multiple pages of videos, images and text. There are opportunities for users to click away to an external site, but the ad content is primarily hosted on Facebook'. 

This is a very interesting move from Facebook, pulling in mini micro sites for brands into the Facebook eco-system. This definitely improves the user journey as the user doesn't need to jump out of the Facebook app or mobile site in order to engage with the brand's content - it doesn't disrupt the user whilst they are using Facebook. 

We will keep you updated on when this will be available. 

Tumblr - Long or Short Form Content for Millennials?

Advertisers are scrambling to reach Millennials across social media platforms such as Tumblr and Instagram in order to engage with them and create brand affinity with this hard to reach audience.

But how best do brands go about doing this?

With the rollout of auto play across Twitter recently, you see two different ways that Millennials are interacting with video across social. This example below highlights how Tumblr is used.

Max Sebela, creative strategy manager @ Tumblr explains to eMarketer: 

"We're seeing two different sides. On one side, Tumblr is a curation tool for discovering the best of the best in user-generated digital video. On the other side, as we've relaunched and began thinking about the ways users can make video on Tumblr, we are increasingly seeing users make original content with our player, which creates videos that loop. 

"We're also seeing people take advantage of silent autoplay. The video might be designed to be consumed with sound eventually, but the first experience with it is likely going to be silent, so that requires drawing people in with a silent animation that's going to make them want to go deeper, hit that unmute button and watch.

eMarketer: "What are some of the key behaviours that advertisers need to know about when it comes to Millennials’ video habits?"

Sebela: "One of the most interesting habits that hasn’t fully been cracked yet is what it means to be silent, first and foremost. All of a sudden, the initial experience of viewing a video is more like seeing a GIF or a silent loop.

"You burst out of that feed with something different that stops a user in their scroll. This is definitely a challenge, but it’s also a real opportunity."

eMarketer: "How is the definition of video broadening for Millennials?"

Sebela: "Millennials are not thinking about medium or format—they’re thinking about where they want to spend time discovering things, being entertained and ultimately seeing video."

social media news marketing news mobile news Amazon
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