SO MOnday: 7th December 2015


Hewie Dalrymple and Abbey Torrance round up the best social and mobile news from the past week… including Black Friday, Amazon’s new delivery drone, and how your fairy lights could be interfering with your WiFi…

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Black Friday Results: Mobile shopping saw a significant increase as sales topped $4.5bn

We all wondered whether we would see a repeat of 2014’s shocking scramble for shopping deals in stores. There certainly was some old school hair pulling as this video will testify. However, generally speaking 2015 saw congestion ease in the aisles as online sales were up.  Springboard, which tracks shopper numbers, found that footfall across the UK for the weekend was down 9.6% on the year.  Retailers were prepared for this as they channelled their efforts to improve websites in a bid to manage the surge of online bargain hunters.  The results from the weekend suggest that their efforts were worth their while:

“Mobile shopping set new records on Black Friday, according to IBM, accounting for accounting for nearly 60% of all online traffic, an increase of 14.8% over 2014. Meanwhile, mobile sales tipped 40% of all online sales coming from mobile devices, an increase of 23.8% year on year. Overall, in the US $4.45bn was spent online over Black Friday weekend while in the UK it’s expected that sales smashed through the £1.07bn barrier, up 32% on 2014.”

Amazon reveals its new delivery drone

amazon prime air.jpg

It has been two years since Amazon first announced its plans for a drone delivery service and it seems like the Amazon dream is inching closer to reality. A new ad, fronted by Jeremy Clarkson, shows off the latest prototype for its Prime Air service. The former Top Gear presenter breaks down the drone specs for the viewer, calling the prototype “a miracle of modern technology.”

“The new drone has two propeller systems—one for vertical flight and one for horizontal flight. After a package (which must be five pounds or less) is loaded into the drone’s fuselage, the drone rises vertically up to 400 feet (as per FAA regulations for hobby aircraft) and then switches propeller systems to fly horizontally to its destination.”

Amazon are yet to reveal when the inaugural flight will take place but given various stringent FAA rules it may be a while yet.

Twitter experiments with a new homepage in the UK

Twitter homepage.jpg (1)

“Some UK users' desktop home pages have been updated to a more colourful screen displaying highly popular recent tweets across a variety of ranked topics, including politics, humour, music and popular bloggers.

A banner along the top of the screen contains featured, sport, news, entertainment, humour, music and lifestyle tabs, containing relevant tweets and accompanying pictures from celebrities, organisations and publications.

As it is a log in screen, the collated tweets are not based on the accounts the user is following. Once logged in, the pages appear much the same as they did previously, complete with home, notifications and messages tabs.”

This home screen has already been rolled out in the US so we should expect a full roll out in the UK sometime soon.

SOMO Top Christmas Tip: Fairy Lights could slow your WiFi

This Christmas you’ll need to assess your priorities… Christmas Lights vs Fast Broadband.

The UK regulator Ofcom has revealed that fairy lights on Christmas trees could cause slower WiFi speeds.  The watchdog estimated up to six million homes and offices could improve their broadband connection, saying wireless networks were often not set up correctly or suffered “interference” from electronics including baby monitors, microwave ovens and Christmas lights.

black friday mobile news Twitter marketing news social media news
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