Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton round up the best social and mobile news.

SO Monday social media news mobile news

Google secures its place as the world’s top media owner

A 21% increase in revenue in the last year has seen Google secure its strong lead in media, according to a recent report from Zenith. This is 166% more than closest rival Walt Disney. The report demonstrated the strength of five main players of Alphabet, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and Baidu account for 19% of all global advertising.

The strength of these digital giants is evident as we see very few plans without at least one of these present. However a fewer number of large players does not mean the channel will become stifled – instead, we continue to see a rapid growth in digital adspend across digital, programmatic and social. Digital is here to stay and ever-growing so continue to watch this space!

Swipe Left for Brexit…

Tinder audiences soon will be met with statements about the EU in a move to raise awareness and encourage more young people to vote in the upcoming referendum on 23rd June. Having read the statement, users can swipe left or right depending on whether they think the statement is true (right) or false (left).

A relevant platform for the elusive millennial group, they are the least likely to vote yet are one of the groups most likely to be affected by the outcome of the referendum. By highlighting the pros of remaining the EU, the Remain campaign will be hoping this will drive young people to the polls later this month.

Facebook announces DeepText

 “Text is a prevalent form of communication on Facebook. Understanding the various ways text is used on Facebook can help us improve people's experiences with our products, whether we're surfacing more of the content that people want to see or filtering out undesirable content like spam.

With this goal in mind, we built DeepText, a deep learning-based text understanding engine that can understand with near-human accuracy the textual content of several thousand posts per second, spanning more than 20 languages’

What does this mean for us? That now computers will be able to read the sentiment around what you write – and therefore help Facebook enhance themselves as user friendly product. It will be interesting to see how they use this – will advertisers be able to use? Watch this space.

EasyJet ventures into Wearables

 ‘Imagine if you could explore Europe's greatest cities without having to constantly look down at your phone to make sure you're on course to your next destination’

An exciting innovation from the budget airline, EasyJet has looked to solve the problem above by introducing a pair of ‘smart sneakers’.

These trainers are internet enabled and ‘signals to wearers when to turn left or right by vibrating underneath the respective foot. This way, sightseers' heads can stay up, taking in the surroundings while they walk, without losing their way.’

‘The shoes buzz twice to indicate a wrong turn, thanks to a connection to Google Maps via Bluetooth, and easyJet's proprietary app. They also adjust to provide a new route if a user veers intentionally off course. Upon arriving at the destination, both sneakers will buzz’.

SO Monday social media news mobile news
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