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Abbey Torrance and Hewie Dalrymple round up the best social and mobile news from the past week.

Abbey Torrance Abbey Torrance Digital Manager Carat SO Monday
UnderArmour’s #PrincipalMisty social campaign
History was made last week when Misty Copeland was named the first African American principal dancer in American Ballet Theatre’s 75 year history. 
Under Armour, the sports clothing brand, organised a ‘social celebrations campaign’ which started off with a tweet saying: ‘Celebrate @mistyonpointe, just named ABT Principal. The more #PrincipalMisty tags, the more *flower emoji* we’ll send her'.
Thousands of tweets later, including love notes from UA NFL star Eddie Lacy and Zappos, the brand had an SUV full of flowers to deliver to Copeland, who was 'clearly thrilled by the gift'.
This is a brilliant example of a brand reacting to events in real time, and allowing fans to feel like they are part of something and can help interact with both the brand and Misty Copeland. 
Facebook roll out a ‘Cost Per View’ buy model for video content
The latest update from Facebook towers is that brands can now buy on a cost per view. This is in response to some of the largest global advertisers stating that they want to buy on a CPV (cost per view) when promoting video content. 
Our sister agency iProspect’s recommendation for clients is to continue to use a reach & frequency buying model to guarantee x% reach @ a frequency of y when promoting content. The reasons behind this are: 
  1. As video content is associated with branding, the objective of the campaign should be reach. If you optimised towards a cost per view, this could severely limit reach and therefore minimise campaign impact.
  2. Facebook reports that 74% of brand equity associated with video content is delivered in the first ten seconds, so optimising towards a CPV after the 10 seconds reduces the value of the campaign. 
However it is always worth testing new products to gain learnings and see which one proves to be most efficient. 
Beacon technology - the future for London Buses
Around 500 of London’s iconic red busses will be fitted with beacon technology, which will connect consumers to brands in a commercial first. The project is being rolled out by Exterion, the OOH advertising business who hold a number of OOH assets in London, and whose bus advertising brings information to around 300,000 London bus riders every day.
The beacon technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to send targeted in-app messages to commuters’ mobile devices.
Huw Jenkins of Dotrising writes: “This creates an opportunity to deliver highly contextualised messages at moments when London commuters are most receptive, which when combined with Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, can prompt immediate action.
"Exterion’s online urban community recently found London to have the highest penetration of smartphones (94 per cent) in the UK – this combined with lengthy journeys makes beacons on London buses an attractive channel to deliver extended consumer engagement to audiences on the move.” 
This is a very interesting development; brands that have traditionally been reticent to use Outdoor advertising because of the lack of direct response, could now begin to think about the channel. This could be an excellent opportunity to convince your brand that there is a very real opportunity in OOH. There has even been a six month trial in Norwich to help support your proposal. It was trialled on 110 buses, which saw 30% of users clicking through from receipt of notification and 2,000 app downloads. 
“We believe the future of OOH engagement is the ability to deliver a truly personal experience; and, with so many of us keeping our smartphones handy during the bus trips we take every day, it makes sense to combine the two,” says Jason Cotterrell, Managing Director UK, Exterion Media.
What3Words won the Cannes Innovation Grand Prix this year for a brilliant project that could potentially revolutionise the way that things are delivered and connected around the world. They have created a 3 meter by 3 meter map of the earth, providing each 3x3 square metre a unique 3 word combination.
Click here for a concise video summary of the project.
iPhone 6S and 7 rumours are circulating
As we fast approach September, when Apple normally launches a new iPhone model, designers are currently mocking up what they think the iPhone 6S and possibly an iPhone 7 will look like.
The Telegraph has speculated from reports that ‘the new model will run iOS 9’ which is the newest software which was announced in June. Other ‘updates and features include Siri becoming more proactive in recognising your behaviour, longer battery life and improvements to existing apps including Maps and Notes. The new News app aims to provide an experience akin to reading a magazine, with big glossy visuals’.

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Abbey Torrance Abbey Torrance Digital Manager Carat SO Monday
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