Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton round up the best social and mobile news from the past two weeks.

SO Monday social media news mobile news

Twitter Introduces Emoji Targeting

World Emoji Day 2016 commences on the 17th July and, just in time for that, Twitter wants brands to target people based on their emoji’s. Twitter have introduced emoji keyword targeting for Twitter adverts.  Advertisers can now target people who have recently interacted with Tweets featuring emoji’s via selected partners. Brands can:

  • Connect with people based on their expressed sentiment
  • Target people who Tweet food emojis
  • Reach people based on their passions

Make sure you and your brand are ready for Emoji day.

Grazia Allows People to Edit their Magazine Live on Facebook

Grazia readers have been welcomed to a quite literal hands on approach in helping edit the magazine’s first ‘community issue’. In a real-time period over five days, users have been helping form and edit the issue using Facebook Live.

A few weeks ago, in an event sponsored by Pandora, the Grazia editorial team produced the issue from Facebook’s London HQ this week, allowing readers to contribute to the magazine via Grazia’s Facebook page.

Abby Carvosso, Group Managing Director of Advertising at Bauer Media said, "The creation of Grazia’s Community Issue with Facebook is a landmark moment for us, as it brings the brand to life for the Grazia community in a range of innovative ways.”

This is an interesting move for a traditional print brand.  Utilising social media platforms to curate and create their content for the printed magazine is an excellent example of online and offline merging.

Google and Levi to redefine wearable technology with connected clothing

Two big forces are coming together to create Project Jacquard. Google and Levi Strauss are teaming up to create high-tech, touch-sensitive connected textiles. Conductive yarns will be woven within smart fabrics and will be able to pass signals to sensors in the buttons of the garments. These, in turn, can send messages to the wearer’s smart watch.  

“The idea that Jacquard is an interface blended into the clothing that we’re wearing has implications in the way you would use sensors, products, applications and anything that we do with our technology.” said Joao Wilbert, Creative Technologist at Google Creative Lab in London.

This is a great example of a brand venturing into the wearable market alongside Google as a partner.

YouTube Launches Free Video App for Small Businesses

‘YouTube Director’ is the new free app designed to help small businesses make professional and engaging video adverts. YouTube wanted to give small businesses a good platform for DIY videos in order to help them promote their companies.  

The app hosts a collection of templates, music and editing tools. Google’s director of product management, Diya Jolly said, “The reason we did this is because we believe, obviously, that video is becoming a more and more important medium on the internet.”

YouTube Director hopes to gives small businesses an opportunity to create quality videos at little to no cost.

SO Monday social media news mobile news
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