SO MOnday: 4th April 2016


Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton round up the best social and mobile news from the past week.

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Snapchat Update: Chat 2.0


Last week the popular app released Chat 2.0, “with the goal of making chat the best way to communicate with friends.

“The update allows users to switch between text, voice and video chatting during a single conversation, and allows users to simply listen or watch if they’d rather not talk or video chat themselves.”

Snapchat also updated their Stories function with ‘Auto-Advance Stories’ which allows users to quickly catch up with the latest stories their friends have published as users no longer have to click on separate stories – all of the latest updates roll forward. When you finish one story, the next automatically plays.

Why should brands pay attention to Snapchat? After Facebook failed to acquire it, Snapchat is going from strength to strength with numbers of users increasing and ad opportunities developing. It remains one of the strongest platforms for engaging with millennials, so if you are an advertiser that wants to speak to this target market, take note.

Your Smartphone Could Become Your Passport

Have you ever been one of those people who gets to the departure lounge ready to check in and then discovers, whilst madly searching through your bags, that you have forgotten your passport?

Apparently this is a very common occurrence and so “De La Rue, the world’s biggest passport producer and the company that prints British banknotes, is working on technology that could store passports within mobile phones, allowing travellers to do without the burgundy booklets that have been around for hundreds of years.”

‘Paperless Passports’ are currently being developed to work in much the same way as digital boarding passes.  However, there is scope for forgery and so this development is very much in the early stages. One to watch.

Deliveroo Personalise Orders Using Brain-Scanning Technology


Deliveroo have taken their services one step further to make ordering much, much simpler. The brand will leverage electroencephalogram (EEG) technology, which measures the electrical currents generated from our brain’s activity, to allow users to order whilst continuing with their work uninterrupted and without having to type. They say the technology will help them predict your true food preference ((i.e. the days you really want a Nando’s instead of a salad) with your desire brought directly to you. Of course if you haven’t realised, this was their attempt at an April Fool’s Day joke, so please don’t expect EEG equipped ordering devices anytime soon!

Fireman Sam Becomes Digital For the First Time

Fireman Sam.jpg

Mattel’s resident fireman, Fireman Sam, has been brought to social for the first time with the aim of encouraging young viewers to interact with the character. The move brings the 29-year-old character into the digital space using rich content to promote life lessons in safety and teamwork, ready for families to engage in together.

Our Favourite April Fool’s


Mark Zuckerberg has teamed up with H&M to bring Facebook and fashion closer together. The look book, consisting of seven outfits for different situations, makes getting ready in the morning just that little bit easier. This is summed up by the faux campaign’s tagline, “One less thing to worry about in the morning.” Here is a roundup of other April Fool’s Day pranks here.

digital social media snapchat apps
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