SO MOnday: 2nd November 2015


Abbey Torrance and Hewie Dalrymple round up the best social and mobile news from the past week... including Kitten Kollege, the power of mobile browsing, KitKat's massage billboards, and Facebook's Slideshow

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Whiskas: Kitten Kollege Campaign

The pet food giant has recently launched a content hub called Kitten Kollege on YouTube.

‘Set in the adorable make-believe world of Kitten Kollege, the content portrays student felines learning about cathood. However, the lessons contain important advice for owners, too’.

This is a brilliant example of using video to increase awareness of Whiskas through entertaining and valuable video content hosted on a universal platform that can be accessed globally.

Click on the link above to read more.

Mobile browsing set to replace desktop in less than 18 months

The latest finding from Adobe’s Digital Index’s 2015 Mobile Benchmark Report  that ‘mobile browsing is on track to replace desktop in 18 months or less, with visits up 16% YoY (Q2 2014 to Q2 2015).

‘The amount of app sessions launched increased 51% YoY’ and also during holiday season ‘mobile traffic to specific sites often surpassed 70%’.

For more stats, please click on the link above.

KitKat Massage Billboards

In Colombia KitKat ran a billboard campaign to give its stressed citizens a well deserved break. SoMo has shown you quite a few cool billboard examples over the last few months but this one is up there, even if it is a little weird! Have a click on this link to see the World’s First Massage Billboard.

KitKat took over a number of bus shelters across the country and implemented a massage system in them. As well as gathering a lot of attention from people nearby, anyone tweeting about being stressed, tired or just needing a break, was replied to with a message from KitKat and location details of where to find one of their special Massage Billboards.

Facebook launches Slideshow: a new platform to help brands reach emerging markets

Facebook has launched a new platform for advertisers to turn images into a "lightweight" video ad that can reach emerging markets who are still operating with 2G, rather than 3&4G. This is part of Facebook’s on-going strategy to help emerging markets catch up with the developed world in terms of tech development and connectivity.

It also wants the new platform to be available to small businesses which may not necessarily have the budget to invest in video ads.

Jennifer Spies, the product marketing manager for emerging markets at Facebook, said: "We’ve made sure that it can deliver ads across all different devices, including feature phones…It’s the richest creative that we have ever developed for everyone using Facebook."

Slideshow will be available to all businesses over the next two weeks. It will be available on Instagram at a later date.

social media news mobile news marketing news Whiskas Facebook KitKat
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