SO MOnday: 29th June 2015


Abbey Torrance and Hewie Dalrymple round up the best social and mobile news from the past week.

SO Monday Snapchat 3V advertising truffle pig facebook TieFi
What is ‘3V advertising’? It is something the Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel is promoting. 3V stands for ‘vertical video views’.
Based on the belief that users of Snapchat never hold their mobiles horizontally when using the Snapchat app, it means that videos will only be made vertical and hence why Snapchat claims that ‘vertical videos are completed at a rate of up to nine times higher than horizontal mobile videos’. 
3V will definitely work for Snapchat, but until they add in better targeting options, I don’t think many brands will be in a hurry to use this unless they are happy to send a blanket message to Snapchat users. 
Truffle Pig: Snapchat, Daily Mail and WPP combine
It was announced at Cannes this week that a content marketing business called Truffle Pig has been launched; a conglomerate of Snapchat, WPP and the Daily Mail. 
Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive at WPP, announced this new partnership alongside Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel and Jon Steinberg, chief executive of Daily Mail Online US. 
He said; ‘In a digital world overflowing with content, consumers crave quality. A next-generation company, Truffle Pig combines the best in media, content and user experience to satisfy people’s appetite for great storytelling – and inspire brand engagement, loyalty and sales’. 
This is very interesting move by all companies, so will keep our eyes peeled to see what campaigns they start to produce. 
Facebook unveil ads of the future
At Cannes, Facebook presented a prototype of the future of mobile ads, which are in fact similar to Snapchat’s 3V. They are 360 degree, interactive, vertical videos, all contained within the app. Click here to see how these new ads will look. 
The ad is aimed particularly ad advertisers who tend to use TV, as they look to take advantage of the continual increase in mobile video.
For the first three months of 2015, mobile ads raked in 73% of the company’s ad revenues — a sharp increase from 30 per cent during the same time period in 2013.
Facebook’s chief of product Chris Cox said:“You’re starting to see a lot of new interactions [on mobile]. We’re trying to spend a moment looking at some of these trends and imagining what they’ll look like in next few years.”
We don’t yet know when these ads will be rolling out but it likely won’t be far off. So in the meantime make sure your brands understand the value of video advertising.  According to research conducted by Yieldr, video accounted for 64% of web traffic in 2014. Other stats similarly back up the platform’s social dominance: Video views are up 40% year-on-year, and global ad revenue doubled to $11.2bn between 2011 and 2014. 
Make your Dad a Wi-Fi Hotspot 
Ever had your Dad nagging you about how you’re always glued to your phone? This could make it even better when hanging out with your Dad. 
You should look to invest in a TieFi, an interesting take on wearable technology. 
‘The TieFi is the wearable Wi-Fi hotspot perfect for connecting the family’. 
Do you think your Dad would use this? 
Suncream ReApply Reminder
Not long ago we told you about Shadow wifi, a wifi scheme that encouraged you to take time in the shade. Well, with the hot weather now well and truly upon us, we thought it worth telling you about another skin protecting, tech driven project.
The ReApply Reminder is an app that connects to a smart sunscreen bottle, to automatically trigger ReApply Reminder messages, based on real-time weather conditions, to stop you getting burnt.
Click here to see the video.
SOMO fun. Are you fluent in emoji?
Consider yourself an emoji expert? Try and decipher Chevrolet’s latest press release, written entirely in emoji!


SO Monday Snapchat 3V advertising truffle pig facebook TieFi
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