Hewie Dalrymple rounds up the best social and mobile news from the past week - including Gatorade's virtual reality baseball experience, iPhone 6S and its funky features, and Instagram's 400 million users....

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iPhone 6S 4k Documentary  

The new iPhone enables you to shoot 4k video, a pretty impressive feature. This documentary is the first to be shot in 4k on the iPhone 6 Plus and follows the work of a man in Haiti named Duval as he, armed with paint and paintbrushes, tries to bring colour to his community. It is called the The Painter of Jalouzi.

Gatorade unveil a baseball YouTube 360° video

Gatorade have unveiled a first of its kind 360° Virtual Reality Baseball Experience from the POV of Bryce Harper. In this video you get to step up to the plate and become Bryce Harper in this 360° video. You go toe-to-toe with a Major League Baseball pitcher to see if you can hit a 90 mph fastball. It’s pretty cool. The experience is available for Google Cardboard, or in the YouTube mobile app, or on the latest version of Chrome. Try it now.

iPhone 6S updates

Are you an Apple junkie? Have you already upgraded to the iPhone 6S, which was released here in the UK on Friday? If the answer is yes, or if you plan on upgrading or buying the 6S soon, then have a look at this article by The Verge. It lays out all the cool new features of the new iPhone, including: Settings Tips, Apps to download and IOS9 features to try.

Instagram reach 400 million users

Instagram announced on Tuesday that it now has 400 million monthly active users, up from the 300 million in December of 2014.

Instagram has now doubled its user base in the span of 18 months (it reached the 200 million mark in March of 2014). That stands in sharp contrast to Twitter, which continues to struggle with user growth. Twitter passed the 300 million mark in April, up from 255 million monthly active users the previous year.

This continued surge in users should act as a reminder to brands that Instagram, as much as Facebook and Twitter is a social platform worth investing in.

mobile news marketing news social media news iphone tech trends Apple
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