SO MOnday: 27th July 2015


Abbey Torrance and Hewie Dalrymple round up the best social and mobile news from the past week - including Apple Pay, Microsoft's Send, Twitter's event calendar, Kleenex's tear-jerking dog, Sony's Emoji movie and our Infographic of the Week...

Abbey Torrance Abbey Torrance Digital Manager Carat social media news marketing news Apple tech trends Apple Pay mobile news

‘Are you cool enough for Apple Pay?

According to Goldman Sachs survey, interest in Apple Pay ‘is based on an elusive factor: “coolness”.

  • ‘Novelty and “cool” factor were driving 43% of interest’
  • 20% of merchant’s customers asking for it
  • 17.1% of merchant’s are not expressing interest in Apple Pay
  • 14.3% of their competitors are starting to use it
  • With 5.7% citing other reasons

The survey by ‘Goldman Sachs also asked merchant acquirers and ISOs about their own plans to enable acceptance of Bitcoin; a majority said they had no such plans’.

The overwhelming result from the survey was that mobile payments are a rare activity however those ‘customers who do use Apple Pay tend to like it’.

This follows recent findings from a YouGov poll which reported that ‘15% of Britain’s 18-34 year olds who own a smartphone admit to having never used their smartphones for anything shopping related’.

Microsoft launch instant messaging app 'Send' 

Microsoft 'Send' is an email based instant messaging app. The point of difference from competitors such as WhatsApp or iMessage is that "Send' does not require a phone number. You will be able to send a message to anyone as long as you have their email address.

This makes it extremely useful when sending instant messages to work friends or colleagues whose number you may not have. An additional bonus is that it will keep all messages saved in Outlook, meaning that whether instant or a full email, all messages will be saved in one place. Send will launch on IOS in the US and Canada only and users will need an Office 365 business or school email to access it. Microsoft will open it up to more users and platforms over time.

Twitter announces event targeting feature for advertisers

A new event calendar on Twitter will enable brands to easily plan tweets around key events throughout the year. 

The calendar will highlight major events across the US, UK, Japan and Brazil, from sports, music festivals, national holidays and days of note (e.g. Mother's Day, Remembrance Day). This is a very helpful tool for advertisers and will help them implement strategic campaigns around live moments. 

Dinka Jain wrote in a Twitter blog post: "We’ll help you discover and plan for these moments, learn more about the participating audiences through valuable insights and, with just one click, create a campaign that delivers the right message to just the right users as the events unfolds."

A tear-jerking video from Kleenex about a disabled dog

The viral video tells the story of a dog and its owner who face the same struggles as each other. It has raked in almost half a million views and will have you reaching for the tissues. 

Sony Pictures wins bidding war for Emoji Icons Movie rights

The BBC has reported that Sony Pictures has won the rights to make an emoji movie; rumours speculate that it cost them seven figures.

‘The Studio plans to make a feature film about the smiley, winky, and unhappy cartoon characters’.

Keep your eyes peeled.

SOMO Infographic of the week: This report from Kenshoo shows that marketers' spend with Facebook has increased by 114% in the last year.

Abbey Torrance Abbey Torrance Digital Manager Carat social media news marketing news Apple tech trends Apple Pay mobile news
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