SO MOnday: 25th January 2016


Emma Saddleton and Abbey Torrance round up the best social and mobile news from the past week… including Dominos’ SnapChat channel, Google’s AdBlitz platform and the excitement building around the return of Game of Thrones…

Dominos launches its ‘Dough To Door’ Campaign

Dominos added another string to its social bow by debuting its own SnapChat channel last week.

Launched with a short film called ‘Dough to Door’ on Wednesday 19th, the story follows a delivery driver encountering a number of obstacles on his journey in getting a pizza to a customer during an alien invasion. During this, a random letter sequence appear to create a unique discount code which can then be used to order online.

In traditional SnapChat fashion, the video can be viewed for 24 hours only so grab yours while you can!

Google announces AdBlitz ad platform to help brands access major live events in real time


With TV spots in major events such as the SuperBowl skyrocketing, brands are looking for more ways to access the big ticket events and have a voice above the noise.

To help this, Google have announced a real time platform to allow brands to be part of those moments and respond as necessary. AdBlitz will allow brands to serve video ads across YouTube, Google owned properties and over 2 million partner websites during events and challenge Twitter’s ability to target ads in real-time.

Currently in beta mode and due for full roll out later this year, the strategy will help advertisers get more for their money particularly on mobile.

Winter is Coming – Game of Thrones offer fans tailored House Trailers


HBO took advantage of Twitter’s Auto-Reply function to offer fans exclusive trailers to Season 6, specific to their favourite House. Tweet your allegiance to #HouseStark, #HouseLannister or #HouseTargaryen (+ @GameOfThrones) to receive trailers supporting the Houses of Wolf, Lion or Dragon and get excited for the return of the series in April.

Facebook’s ad offerings helped to double global social ad-spend in 2015

facebook ads.jpg

Q4 2015 saw a 50% growth YoY as many brands moved to social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram to reach their target audiences, continuing an upward trend in growth for the channel. Kenshoo’s latest digital marketing snapshot reports that the growth was six times that of search marketing, which grew just 8%.

With Instagram’s ad offering becoming more available for brands in Q4 at a key retail period, this will have helped to drive this increased investment alongside key events such as the Rugby World Cup. 

CPCs for social have also seen an slight increase as clicks become more valuable following Facebook’s adjustment in their CPC model last year – with clicks to sites and apps becoming the main focus, as opposed to shares, likes and comments. 

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