So Monday: 23 May 2016


Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton round up the best social and mobile news from the past week.

Mobile is most popular method for researching products
‘Mobile is now more popular than in-store browsing or window shopping as a method for researching products before making a purchase, with 52.8% of consumers doing so on a mobile browsers and 19.6% in an application, according to a new survey from SessionM’.

‘In comparison, 48.3% use a computer to research products while just 27.5% research products in stores. Other key findings include that a majority of consumers are now making purchases on their smartphones, with 63% having made a purchase via their smartphone in the past 30 days’.

This is representative of consumers habits today and it is vital that your brands are thinking mobile first.

Google reveals VR paintbrush
Over the weekend Google have released a VR paintbrush that will allow creative types to create their visions before hitting the hard cost of production. An interesting step for the technology rather than an immediate opportunity for brands, it demonstrates a fun step towards VR as a more common place tech.

French children will soon be able to sue their parents for pictures on Facebook.
French authorities over the weekend have announced a change in the law that will prohibit parents from posting ‘intrusive’ pictures of their children on Facebook. Parents have been advised that they could face a fine of £35k and up to 12 months in jail if they publish intimate photos of their children online without permission and have been advised to wait until they can have a full conversation, or at least exhibit a level of caution before posting an image of their child in their nappy online. The move comes after research has begun to demonstrate the extent of this behaviour and the negative psychological impacts it may have on their children in future years.

Users spend on average 50 minutes a day on Facebook’s platforms.
Following on from their profit announcement last week, Facebook announced the average amount of time users spend within their platforms, rising by 10 minutes since last year. The number appears small by itself but when compared to other activities such as exercises (17 minutes) or even eating/drinking (1hr 7 minutes) the number becomes more significant.

The way people are consuming the platform has developed undoubtedly, becoming more functional perhaps in the last 12 months. However the number highlights how much more central the site and social media is to users, though time spent may not be directly comparable to sentiment and feelings towards immediate brands.

Uber shows off their first self-driving car
Uber has become the major player in taxi services across the globe in the past two years and it looks like they are continuing to set the bar.

Last week they revealed they had created a ‘self-driving car’ reinforcing that their dream is that they are looking to release onto the roads in the future cars that drive themselves.

This car was created in their ‘Advanced Technologies Centre’ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

‘The test car is not only able to perform self-driving capabilities but also collect mapping data, thanks to sensors like radars, laser scanners, and high-res cameras’.

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