SO MOnday: 22nd June 2015


Hewie Dalrymple and Abbey Torrance round up the best social and mobile news from the past week.

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YouTube launch Newswire
Newswire is YouTube’s live streaming feed that will feature the most newsworthy eyewitness videos of the day. 
The premise of the feed is based on the importance that first person footage has had over the last decade when news stories break. Within minutes of a news-worthy event, a video is often uploaded onto YouTube. 
Most recently, the Nepal earthquakes and the Charlie Hebdo attacks come to mind. It is perhaps aimed first of all at journalists but it is a service that will be available to all YouTube users.
YouTube announced the launch through their blog: 
"With the Newswire, we hope to provide journalists with an invaluable resource to discover news video around major events, and to highlight eyewitness video that offers new perspectives on important news stories. The Newswire will feature global and regional feeds that surface the most relevant videos in different parts of the world."
Homeless Donation Posters
SO MOnday has brought you quite a few brilliant examples of outdoor advertising being used in some really innovative ways, but this is particularly impressive.
Public Transport Victoria have devised a way to donate to a homeless youth charity with the use of Melbourne’s oyster card equivalent, MYKI. As a commuter passes by a digital 6 sheet they see a homeless person waiting for a donation. The commuter just needs to swipe their MYKI card over the reader and a donation, of the price of a journey, is made to the charity. At the moment the donation is made the homeless person walks off screen. This is a simple, brilliant and very engaging way to raise money. 
However, the idea of donating leftover change from a travel card has been thought of here in the UK too. Common Pence is a start up donation platform that uses contactless credit cards and Smart Phones with NFC to donate money. All you need to do is swipe it against the sleek and and stylish donation boards. Click here to visit the website. 
Is your brand working with a charity? If so, then perhaps this start up could provide a ‘PR able’ opportunity for you to get involved with.
Twitter launch AutoPlay Video
News from Twitter Towers this week includes the announcement that they have changed the way video is watched on the platform. The changes comes after research proved that ‘people were 2.5x more likely to prefer auto play videos over other viewing methods (including click-to-play and video preview thumbnails). 
Following in a similar vein to Facebook auto play video, now Twitter native videos, Vines and GIFs will begin to play automatically. This will definitely make it more eye catching for users as they scroll through their feeds. 
Video views on Twitter are now defined as three seconds of play that are 100% in-view, or if a user clicks to expand and un-mute the video. 
This will mean that we will be looking to see a much more competitive cost per view than we’ve seen historically across Twitter, much like Facebook since they introduced auto play video. 
These changes have been rolled out across and Twitter for iOS, with the Android version coming shortly. 
Highlights from Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2015
  • Smartphone continues to be on the rise with 46% access news weekly
  • 25% say smartphone is main source of news, 41% for under 35s
  • Tablet growth is slowing; 24% weekly news use; most usage in the over 45s
  • 70% have downloaded an app but only 33% use them each week
  • Old media is not dead; 74% read newspapers in print or online; 89% access news broadcast on TV, Radio or Online
  • On average, 41% use Facebook for news each week
  • Facebook referrals to top news sites have grown 42% in a year
  • 21% access Online News Video weekly (average); 40% prefer text but 29% put off by Pre-Roll Advertising
  • Only 6% pay for online news in the UK
  • Advertising models are under threat; 47% in America regularly use ad blockers; 39% in the UK
  • Apple News, Facebook Instant, Snapchat Discover are all challenging the traditional publishing houses. 
SOMO Fun: The Taco Emoji is finally making its way into your IOS keyboard. Click here to find out more.

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