SO MOnday: 20th June 2016


Emma Saddleton and Abbey Torrance provide a bi-weekly roundup the best social and mobile news

Snickers campaign can tell when you are sad and when you need some chocolate to cheer you up!


You know when you are having a bad day, and you just really want a pick me up? Snickers are trying to offer that to their fans, without them even having to ask.

Snickers has launched the ‘Hungerithm’ in Australia.  The Hungerithm scans social media to try and determine the prevailing mood. The brand’s site in Australia says, ‘The Internet gets a little angry when it’s hungry. So we’ve created a hunger algorithm that monitors the mood online. Now, when anger goes up, SNICKERS® prices at 7‑Eleven across Australia go down.’

This is a brilliant way of using social listening insights and reacting in real time. This Hungerithm is currently only available in Australia but could be rolled out in other markets.

Snapchat uncovers Discover


Avid Snapchat users might have already noticed that there has been an update in the Stories section.

The complete visual overhaul ‘combines the best of social networks, magazines, and television’ in a bid to surface content to its users via content creators.

The page now includes eye-catching titles to help draw more people into engaging with this content.

This is another example of how Snapchat aim to keep their product fresh and relevant to their users.

Facebook’s new ads will track which stores you visit


Facebook want to prove that buying ads on the site leads to actual in-store purchases. And they are a now a step closer.

Advertisers may now include a map of store locations on their carousel of ads. Facebook will then track phone locations to see if viewers of the ads do physically then go into the shop. Of course not even this information will be able to say if the customer bought anything. So a new Facebook API called the ‘Offline Conversions API’ has been designed to work with in-store sales systems to try and match that data with Facebook’s.

Ultimately, the aim is to try and connect in-store purchases back to ads you might have seen in your Facebook feed as this would have obvious commercial impact.

As the article states, Google will be watching Facebook’s moves in this space with interest!

Uber launches UberEats


Uber is now stepping beyond just getting you home; they’re moving into bringing your favourite food with you as well. Looking to challenge existing apps such as Just Eat and Deliveroo, UberEats will deliver food from 150 restaurants in central London between 11am and 11pm daily.

Uber will continue to use the rating system of the existing app and you’ll be able to use the same account to save you time uploading a new card. Their main competition will be Deliveroo, but Uber will be hoping to see a similar level of growth. They aim for their USP to be even faster delivery times and no minimum spend per order.


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