SO MOnday: 1st February 2016


Emma Saddleton and Abbey Torrance round up the best social and mobile news from the past week… including HSBC's Nudge app, Samsung's ad blocking software, a film premiere on Instagram - and are Apple building a VR team?

social media news marketing news mobile news Apple Virtual Reality Instagram

HSBC soft-launch a Nudge app to help users manage their finances

As an example of behavioural economics in action, HSBC are using nudge theory to help UK customers to improve their financial management. Nudge theory suggests that positive reinforcement/indirect suggestions can influence our decision making, so the app identifies trends in spending before sending targeted nudges to alert people to these habits that might need changing. The trial will run for three months before HSBC evaluate the types of nudges available (e.g. spending too much in certain pubs or shops)

Samsung introduces Android ad blocking software

Samsung has joined Apple in introducing ad blocking plug-ins for its mobile handsets, as ad blockers continue to grow. Whilst pre-installed Chrome browsers do not support these plug-ins yet, the ad blocker will look to prevent ads from reaching audiences across other apps and browsers meaning we may see a further growth in the near future.

Instagram – the unlikely platform for a film premiere

instagram film.jpg

The first social media film is set to be released over the month of February. Shield 5 will be made up of 28 15-second episodes to be released at 5pm each day. Whilst quick maths indicates the film will only be seven minutes long, bringing a film to the platform will help to drive users to watch more video formats, and hopefully increase the 400m users the platform already sees each month.

Apple have reportedly begun to build a VR team

apple vr.jpg

In an attempt to rival the Oculus Rift and Hololens, Apple have reportedly set up a team to develop Virtual Reality headsets to expand their growth beyond the iPhone. Having acquired Flyby Media, specialists in Augmented Reality, it’s likely the team will be building on Silicon Valley’s focus on the technology platform. They’re declining to comment, but time will tell if the tech giant will be releasing a headset or using the tech to fuel other reported projects such as autonomous cars.

social media news marketing news mobile news Apple Virtual Reality Instagram
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