SO MOnday: 15th February 2016


Emma Saddleton and Abbey Torrance round up the best social and mobile news from the past week – including Twitter’s new algorithm, the Indy going digital, Tesco’s Basket Dating, Microsoft’s doggy app and more…

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Twitter releases a new algorithmic timeline

Gone are the days where you miss a tweet because you weren’t looking for five minutes - Twitter have now confirmed that they will show tweets based on relevance to the user.

Previously displayed in chronological order, the new algorithm will arrange for users to see tweets from those they follow. Promoted tweets and moments won’t be affected by the change, and chronological tweets will be displayed after the initial ‘While You Were Away’ content.

Twitter say the change will allow organic content more opportunity to be seen, and better content, i.e. content that is interesting and relevant will gain a better position across the site.

It has caused many brands to change the way they tweet e.g. TfL, with #RIPTwitter trending in just a few hours, but yes, you can opt out if you want to.

The Independent becomes digital-only


If you missed the release last week, ESI Media have confirmed that the Independent (and sister paper Independent on Sunday) will now be digital-only, with last print runs confirmed for the end of March. The title will now need to rely on its advertising revenue to drive its business growth and will need to navigate the rise of ad blockers to ensure their new model is scalable.

However, the digital move is not only well suited to its younger digitally savvy audience, but allows the title to focus its efforts on its programmatic offerings and creating content that will truly engage consumers.

Microsoft launch Fetch, an app to recognise your dog

fetch dog.jpg

Microsoft Garage, Microsoft’s experimental project group, have launched an app to help you choose your next puppy (maybe). Fetch analyses photos of dogs to identify the breed, or peg you as human if you use it on a friend.

The app is currently only available on iPhone and a web version is also available for users to upload their photos to. An interesting app to use in the short term, Microsoft’s longer-term goal will be to harness the machine learning capabilities of the app and improve and develop their image recognition technology to use in future projects.

ShareWear – designer clothes shared via Instagram


This is a campaign from VisitSweden and the Swedish Institute to help promote a more sustainable model of encouraging people to not throw away their clothes but to pass on.

‘ShareWear enables people to borrow new designer pieces for free via Instagram and pass them on to someone else’. The insight behind this campaign was that seasonal, trend led fashion means clothing companies change their output massively delivering a huge carbon footprint from their factories.

Instead of having a spring clean and throwing your clothes out, give them to ShareWear.

How can you get your hands on the clothes? Follow ShareWear’s Instagram and ‘the first person to comment on the image can borrow for seven days before returning it. Following the launch, the collection will be displayed on the website, with information about when they are next available’. The whole idea is that you forward on the clothes to people and so they are constantly being recycled.

You can also get involved by sharing your own images and using the #sharewear hashtag. A brilliant campaign based on a real world challenge.

Tesco introduces Basket Dating for Valentine’s Day

A brilliant piece of content from Tesco which is a social experiment, match-making people by analysing what they put in their basket.

Rachel Morris is the psychotherapist and ‘Cupid’ who undertakes the examination of people’s baskets and match making.

Airbnb launches ‘Love This?’ campaign ft Disney and Bear Grylls

Everyone knows about Airbnb now – many use them as the go-to online destination when planning a city break. 

Airbnb wanted users to see them as more than this – and that there is a whole host of diverse homes available on the platform.

They said: “In this campaign we put the spotlight on some of the more unusual accommodations like treehouses, islands, ski chalets and beachside homes that travellers really love.”

They teamed up with Disney for the Jungle Book inspired ‘Treehouse’ and Man vs Wild inspired ‘Private Island’ ft Bear Grylls.

Another great example of short and snappy content showcasing the different accommodation available on Airbnb. 

social media news RIPTwitter marketing news
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