So Monday: 15th August 2016


Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton bring you the latest in the last two week’s digital, social and mobile news. We’re covering Instragram’s Snapchat flattery and 360 video bringing the Olympics to the UK….

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Instagram launches Instagram stories

Snapchat has been the main platform for sharing video with friends, but Instagram have now ventured further into video territory by launching Instagram stories.

The platform released this statement, “Instagram believes itself to have always been a place to share the moments you want to remember, so you can now share your highlights and everything in between, too.”  Instagram stories will be available for a short period of time before disappearing.

For bloggers and vloggers trying to decide where to post becomes an immediate problem, particularly for as they try to cover all social media bases.

Brands will need to be clear on their objective and audience when considering one platform over the other. Only time will tell if Instagram’s ‘imitation is the most sincere form of flattery’ move will pay off.

For us, as long as Snapchat has the best filters, that’s where we’ll be…

360 video helps bring the Olympics to those who can’t afford a ticket to Rio

Since London 2012, the media landscape has continued to grow and develop. New developments are helping audiences be closer to the excitement of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

BBC launched BBC Sport 360, bringing armchair sports fans 360 daily video highlights as well as a daily deep dive into one of the key events from that day. Samsung have also used the tech to give audiences a behind-the-scenes look of the athletes’ accommodation and have launched their School of Rio campaign.

Pokemon Go – sponsored locations for retailers

Nintendo, who unleashed the very addictive game Pokemon Go (the virtual reality game that has spread like fever through different countries) have just confirmed their monetisation strategy.

“CEO John Hanke told the New York Times that sponsored locations would feature in the game in future, though he didn't say when. The newspaper reports that the developer could charge retailers and restaurants to become sponsored Pokemon Go locations, which would incentivise people to visit to capture a Pokemon character. Hanke said Niantic had cut similar deals for its predecessor to Pokemon Go, Ingress.”

This is a really exciting opportunity for brands and retailers to make their mark in the virtual reality app. Keep your eyes peeled.

Persil reveals partnership with ZipJet the app

Persil, owned by Unilever, has just agreed a deal with ZipJet, an app that picks up and delivers laundry.

This is a really interesting move from the company as the shift in consumer behaviour around laundry has changed.

“The deal will see users of the app given the option to have their clothes cleaned using Persil products. People can also book to have their clothes washed by the brand via its website. Similarities to its tie-up with ZipJet have been drawn to its recent acquisition of the Dollar Shave Club, a subscription service for shaving products.”

This is a brilliant way to encourage people to trial the product and to prove its quality before purchase.

digital social news instagram pokemon persil
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