SO MOnday: 14th March 2016


Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton round up the best social and mobile news from the past week... including Thomas Cook’s 360’ video, British Vogue on WhatsApp, soaring mobile ad spend and key trends from SXSW…

whatsapp thomas cook vogue social media news

British Vogue tests live alerts on WhatsApp

vogue whatsapp.jpg

Following on from news updates from the BBC and Huff Post, Vogue has taken a step to become the first fashion magazine to use WhatsApp to send its audience live updates from New York Fashion week. Users can text Fashion to Vogue to get alerts and in the moment photos from the Chanel, Saint Lauren and Alexander McQueen runway shows within an hour of the unveiling. Whilst not releasing any numbers for now, Vogue have said numbers of those joining the group are “impressive”.

The brand have limited themselves to a maximum of two alerts per day in order to maintain WhatsApp as the predominant place for conversations with friends and families. There are no official plans to launch ads onto the platform but this is an interesting way for those truly passionate about the category to engage with a  leading brand in a relatively uncluttered environment.

Thomas Cook create 360’ video to allow travellers the chance to ‘try before they fly

Thomas cook video.jpg

Thomas Cook have used 360’ video to show off their new planes and give users the chance to experience the cabins before they choose to fly long haul on a range of Thomas Cook’s new routes. Users can view the videos on their mobile (though they can also be viewed through traditional browsers) and experience the different cabins. The brand has already championed VR experiences in a live store in London but this extra step is another move towards mobile VR becoming more mainstream.

Mobile ad spend is driving UK ad growth

eMarketer have released their latest forecast for UK ad spend, which has called out the increase growth of mobile specific ad spend. Predicted to rise by 35% this year, for the first time mobile will overtake TV ad spend in the UK (£4.5bn compared to £4.18bn). Mobile’s increasingly central role is demonstrated at the expense of all other channels, and is predicted to surpass desktop across all elements, including search. With mobile specialists embedded with our network, we have plenty of opportunity to educate our clients on how to capitalise on this increasingly important touchpoint.

SXSW launches for 2016

Alongside CES, one of the biggest technology shows in the world, South x SouthWest kicked off last week in Austin, Texas. We will cover the key takeouts once the conference wraps up but a number of key trends have already been identified, and align with our own Dan Calladine’s trends for 2016:

  • Virtual Reality is becoming an increasing part of user experience
  • Social will not just live in media, but move into an overarching ‘social messaging
  • Artificial Intelligence and how this will move into everyday life.
  • Dark Social and our ability to track sharing outside of our traditional news feeds.
  • Our connected experience throughout life – from when we get up to when we go to bed.

The conference has already seen a keynote from Barack Obama who has highlighted the connection between technology and government. With technology a central part of everyday life, it becomes increasingly important that this connected experience is used in a positive, and not a creepy or intrusive, way.

We’ll report more when the conference wraps up but follow the hashtag #SXSW if you want to follow the action before next week.


whatsapp thomas cook vogue social media news
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