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Abbey Torrance and Emma Saddleton round up the best social and mobile news from the past week.

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Daily Mail Owner Considering Acquiring Yahoo!
The Daily Mail and General Trust are in the early stages of considering acquiring Yahoo! according to the AP news agency. This move would see the Daily Mail ‘taking over Yahoo’s news and media assets.’

Also in the running to buy the Yahoo business is Verizon (the owner of AOL) and Time Inc. However, Verizon is ‘considered the favourite to buy this business.’

If the Daily Mail did win the bid to acquire Yahoo! it would help boost their US profile where they have also offered The Mail Online since 2012.

A deadline of 18th April has been set for the first round of preliminary bids so watch this space.

This is a very interesting report as it shows a traditional media owner looking to digitize their business even further by buying one of the most well-known internet companies. Yahoo! is comprised of a whole host of businesses, including Tumblr.


Facebook and Dunnhumby to Prove the Value of Digital at the Shopping Till?
The partnership between Facebook and Dunnhumby ‘the customer science company’ was confirmed last week by Facebook’s Head of Marketing Science to The Drum. Why have they teamed up?

The objective of this partnership is to ‘show FMCG brands how ads on Facebook impact in-store sales.’

This will help Facebook prove the value it delivers by driving offline sales, where social often is disregarded. This study should help make ‘the connection between online Facebook ads and in-store purchases more real-time’ – in a digital world this is exactly what clients want to be able to see; the ROI that their investment in Facebook delivers.

How does it work? Niel Bornman, Global Chief Product Officer at iProspect shared his thoughts. “Privacy issues arise around people’s inability to opt out, so it is essential that data remains completely anonymised – Axiom is taking the anonymised data from both parties and provides the matching between the IDs, making privacy a non-issue.”

The NFL uses Virtual Reality to confront domestic abuse and racism
The NFL is a league that has been plagued by front page news about high-profile players being involved in domestic violence. In order to help remedy this, last year Troy Vincent, the NFL’s Executive Vice President of Football Operations visited Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab and met their researchers ‘to discuss simulations which could train league staffers and players on understanding bias.

“Feeling prejudice by walking a mile in someone else’s shoes is what VR (virtual reality) was made for,’ said Jeremy Bailenson, director of the university’s lab.

After his visit, Vincent said he believed the technology, “can deliver on real social issues that allow people to be better,” and that the NFL league will, “start using this as another teaching tool later this year.”

How does this simulation work using VR?

“Stanford’s Interaction VR’s demos place users in unnerving situations as a means of helping train them to better deal with the scenarios. In one scenario, a user is represented by an African-American female avatar who is being angrily harassed by a white avatar. When the user reflexively lifts his or her arms in self-defence, the hands feature black skin.”

Facebook Changes its Ad Policy to Allow Branded Content to Be Shared
This is big news for brands. Under these news rules, officially verified Facebook pages will be allowed to share branded content on the Facebook platform.

This content can be any post – Instant articles, links, 360 videos, text, photos, videos and Live videos – that specifically feature 3rd party brands, sponsors or products.

“Previously, publishers running branded content on Facebook was completely against the rules, unless they received approval directly from the social network.” Now Facebook has made it easier and are even “introducing a tool that will make it easy to tag the sponsor behind that content, which will be a requirement to run a branded post.”

This was rolled out on Friday however not all pieces of branded content will be accepted. “Persistent watermarks and pre-rolls ads are still forbidden, as are sponsored cover photos and profile pictures.”

Samsung Developing ‘Smart’ Contact Lenses
Samsung has just been granted a patent in South Korea to develop ‘smart contact lenses.’ This is a step up from the Google Glass – these lenses will reportedly have, “a built-in camera and sensors along the antenna for processing data via an external smartphone. The aim is to enhance the augmented reality experience in a more natural manner while also providing better image quality than that of Google Glass.”

Keep an eye out for details

Video of the week – P&G’s Marriage Market Takeover




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