Quality Branded Content Outperforms Pre-Roll Advertising


Raymond Li, executive for Carat’s partnership division, The Story Lab summarises Nielsen's latest report.

Nielsen Branded Content Pre-Roll Advertising

Recently, Nielsen released a report comparing branded content to pre-roll and it concluded that high-quality branded content out-performs pre-roll. This report raises an interesting insight on both formats, considering the fact that pre-roll usually generates the highest click through rates compared to other standard digital marketing formats. In an age of ad-blocking and consumers hungry for content, this underlines the importance of branded content in helping our clients to reach out to their customers.

There were four other interesting assessments from the Nielsen report:

  1. When viewers enjoy content, they view the integrated brands more favourably
  2. Partnering with a publisher can drive ad impact. Marketers that distributed their branded content in partnership with a publisher saw a higher brand lift – 50% higher, on average – than those who published content on their own.
  3. Branded content out performs pre-roll ads in driving brand recall and brand lift.
  4. The analysis showed that there is a positive correlation between intent to view future episodes of branded content and positive impact on brand lift metrics. The more engaging a program is, the more likely the viewer is to come back for more and feel positively toward the brand integrated in the content.

The report also noted five ways to produce successful branded content:

  • Excellent Central Personality represented by hosts and characters that are relatable, along with being likable and credible as experts.
  • Unique and Original Concept that can be extended in a series of branded content.
  • Personal Connection with Audience driven by hosts and characters as well as user participation.
  • Emotionally Engaging Experience.
  • Brand & Content Fit Together.

The full report and insights from Nielsen can be found here.


Nielsen Branded Content Pre-Roll Advertising
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