Online newspaper reader numbers are soaring – this can only be good news for advertisers


New figures from the National Readership Survey show spectacular increases in online newspaper reader numbers. Sarah Johnson, Group Account Director for the Publishing Team at Amplifi @ Carat, says these figures pave the way for many more opportunities for advertisers.

National Readership Survey Publishing
It is good news to see that the population is engaging with newsbrands born out of the recent spectacular rises for digital readership. 
If you look at the paid for printed daily and Sunday newspaper market, over 45m copies are purchased each week; their readers favour their newspaper brand of choice to spend over L38 million each week.
This generates over L2 billion across the year in circulation revenue alone, a somewhat bountiful sum and greater than, for example broadcast company ITV’s total advertising revenue of L1.6 billion for 2014. So despite the huge rise in digital readership there is still a powerful desire for the traditional printed newspaper.
But it is not just about purchase, it is also about engagement. The average newspaper reader spends 39 minutes from Mon to Fri (NRS April 2014 – March 2015) reading their newspaper of choice.  When analysing the strength in numbers of digital print we should look at this through the lens of the power of newsbrands to find relevancy, and a voice, for their readers.
With the rise of printing costs it is only natural that the speed of the growth of newsbrands online means that increasing numbers of newspaper corporations view themselves as digital first companies, and readers go online to satisfy their news fix. 
From an advertiser perspective, rather than purely being accountable in terms of reach and frequency, press can now appear much further down the purchasing funnel with clear call to actions such as e-commerce as well as new and varied advertising opportunities.
There remains a clear role for the printed product and this should not be ignored, but the sharp rise in readership online has paved the way for many more opportunities for advertisers and a full understanding of this ecosystem and how we can target in the best possible way, is paramount. A key challenge that remains is how to properly monetise this increase of newsbrands online and this is something all titles continue to work towards.


National Readership Survey Publishing
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