Jerry Buhlmann shares his thoughts on 'The State of Creativity'


​​As Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity kicks off for another year, Campaign asked the bosses from the holding companies to defend the worth of creativity. Jerry Buhlmann, CEO Dentsu Aegis Network, shares his thoughts on the state of creativity with Campaign.

Cannes 2018 Dentsu Aegis Network Jerry Buhlmann creativity

The State of Creativity - Jerry Buhlmann, CEO Dentsu Aegis Network

Creativity is no longer just about advertising.  Creativity is about creating consumer experiences that unlock business value.

As consumers demand better brand experiences, disruptive creativity becomes a strategic imperative.  However rich the data and however addressable the consumer connection, unless the content is engaging, inspiring, relevant and coherent to the brand and product proposition the value of the connection is lost.  Whilst this may seem obvious ensuring quality creative input to the entire connected value chain does require a rigorous and integrated approach to the many disciplines in the marketing value chain.  To be clear, we are strong advocates of data-driven addressability and are investing heavily in the profound change from 'marketing to audiences' to 'marketing to people'.  However, the ability to connect with people on an individual basis must liberate creativity, not replace it, and has important consequences for our industry.

First, the trend towards deprioritising craft as 'tactics' will reverse.  What people see, feel, touch and experience about a brand will determine success and in the digital era, craft has a pivotal impact on that content and those experiences.  Second, augmented, virtual and mixed realities alongside the internet of things will inexorably expand our creative canvas.  Our capabilities must stretch to provide integrated services and solutions for our clients and therefore deliver more personal, engaging and immersive experiences to their customers.

Creativity work already accounts for 30% of our revenues.  I expect that figure to grow but I also expect the work to be judged by a new standard – not only the ability to make advertising more effective but also to imagine experiences that become key to the way brands create new business value.  

Find out more via the full article in Campaign  - Creativity is not on pause because one group is not in Cannes.

Cannes 2018 Dentsu Aegis Network Jerry Buhlmann creativity
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